London Life
2019-11-30 13:49:02 (UTC)

The Bay run, and the unusual vegan cafe

I thought about running back from the match last night, which is why I wore trainers. However wearing them gave me cold, stiff feet during the game, which put me off running! The hotel room was tiny, which didn't bother me, but I was kept awake by a man snoring, despite the bathroom being between me and any other bedroom. The bed was warm and comfy though.

Ate some tinned beans in the morning, and a packet of Bulgarian wafers I bought last night which were thick and dense, much better value at £1 than my usual lightweight British ones. I started on a book 'Roller Coaster' by Ian Kershaw, covering the history of Europe since 1950, which taught me things I didn't know about the Korean war.

Did a Parkrun along the bay this morning, though on parts of it, you couldn't see the beach because of a hedge. There was an icy wind, apparently more so than usual. I'd forgotten to bring any socks with me. When I said where I'd come from, there were good-natured jeers from the local fans. Once again I started fast but got slower. Will I ever again break 24 minutes, let alone 23?

I'd had to go back to the hotel for my barcode, so it was a good thing it was so close to the run. Never mind "sea view", one of the hotels was ambitious enough to call itself "Devon View". I just had time for a shower after the run. The (£27) room wasn't en-suite, but it was so close to the bathroom that my bra-and-thong walk in the "public" area wasn't so brave this time. The usual topless stand by the window did feel daring though - it was a big window.

Tried another vegan café, neither of which I'd had to go more than 200m out of my way to visit. It was called Canteen 18, and didn't say it was vegan outside, but had Extinction Rebellion posters on the window. Surprisingly it was run by a typical cafe manageress, a quite old woman, rather than the young, archetypal "alternative" vegan type you might expect. I had an adequate all-day breakfast.

Couldn't get Jack a millionaire shortbread as the other cafe wasn't open until 12. Got a coffee in the station, and this time it was a complete coincidence that I sat next to the shortest skirt in the cafe. She kindly picked up a bag I dropped (not deliberately!). I'm now back in England and going to see the documentary 'Vegan 2019' with Nathalie at Leicester Square tonight.

Elina accused me of "deserting her" when I go to lunch with Jack...