London Life
2019-11-29 23:58:10 (UTC)

Lost in Wales

Woke up half an hour early due to a neighbour's alarm, but still didn't leave for my run until 8 - round the park and back to the Co-op. Got Jack his bread and went back to bed with him for a cuddle - we were both off work.

I'd had beans before the run and porridge after, but was still hungry and had a long journey ahead. The Friday food vans were out but not serving yet, so I got some curry from Wasabi at Victoria. At the canal bridge I just fleetingly exchanged glasses with a small slim girl in well-over-the-knee shiny boots and apparently bare thighs - but her image stayed in my head.

I wasn't travelling with the others as I knew they'd be caught up in Friday traffic, I decided to stay overnight instead. Passed through Port Talbot on the way, an eye-opener to Londoners, with its many rows of tiny houses sandwiched between two large hills and the enormous steelworks.

Trying to find the vegan cafe from the station, I made the mistake of cutting through an indoor shopping centre: I ended up back at the station. But otherwise I'd have missed seeing a girl in a skirt so short and tight (without tights) that you could see a few millimetres of her bum cheeks, if you were looking closely (as I was). She's so daring, even I wouldn't wear that in public.

Took some cottage pie back to the hotel. I had a momentary panic as I'd put the address in my calendar as 330, and it clearly wasn't at that address - it should have been 380.

The walk to the ground involves negotiating a pedestrain-unfriendly ring road. Met Donna, Dave G, Maddy, Dave P and Chris. Dean couldn't get off work! After an extraordinary first half, under pressure but two up, I told Chris they'd concede one, which they did, but they held out for another win. I kept talking to a young lad, can't remember how he knows me though.

Found a quieter walk back through the city walls and cycle paths, but after resuming my known route to the hotel, I realised I'd gone wrong somewhere. The maps app was no use, and CityMapper doesn't work here, but after trying different turnings I found myself back where I'd been about 20 minutes earlier.

So I retraced my steps and realised that predictably, I'd taken a wrong route when distracted by seeing two sexy girls outside a pub. Texted Elina - she was asking about the office today, and who I'd gone out with instead of her, forgetting I'd been off as well.

Jack's gone to Bognor with his mates. So we're both by the seaside.