London Life
2019-11-28 23:15:47 (UTC)

Flat tyre and Internet fail

With Jack having sorted out my tyres, I cycled to work for the first time for ages. Except I only got to Marchmont Street before the back tyre went flat. To be fair to Jack, it was probably a new puncture, I was just unlucky.

I therefore got 3 buses to work instead, and 2 to get back later to pick up my bike afterwards, not that I was sure where I'd left it. It was drizzling as I pushed it home, but I did have the rain-proof skirt I bring when cycling.

My manager wasn't around today, the senior manager was around who's much less of a micro-manager. I made a reasonable job of catching up on work I couldn't get down to yesterday, taking. a few short cuts, while trying to finish the Top 100, a day early as I'm off tomorrow. I still haven't got time to include the local stations playlists, except Radio London.

Elina was off sick but I had a fun chat with luscious, sensual Laila, showing her legs and with possibly the most amazing hair in the world.

I could have gone to see Secret Cameras in Holloway, their singer is always nagging at me to go, after I loved one of their songs two or more years ago. But I was feeling very weak when I got in, I only had a tin of soup for lunch, and I wanted to finish the Top 100.

Then my laptop wouldn't connect to the Internet, I realised the new Virgin box's light was off but couldn't see where it plugged in to the mains, or which of about 8 plugs I could take out.

Jack was out, so I had to move the desk and crawl around the mass of wires underneath, in my little work skirt, which would have felt sexy if I wasn't on my own. I found an unopened present (my brother's photos) from 2017 behind the desk, which shows how long it's been since I've cleaned down there.