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2019-11-28 09:17:23 (UTC)

Field sobriety check

Got pulled over last night and got a field sobriety check. I did have two glasses of wine in 3 hrs. They said they stopped me because I went into two lanes in one of those loop-de-loop circle things where you go in a circle around a pivot island and have 4 exits along the way and some yield and some don't. It was dark, rainy, so it wasn't easy to see the lines. I didn't want to miss my turn and I knew I was alone on this two lane thing.

Well, I got stopped because he said I veered off to the other lane. No shit sherlock. It was dark and you can't see the lines when the road is soaking wet, Anyway, told him the truth that it was hard to see the lines due to the weather and that pivot point is tricky if you're following google maps as I was doing. So he did the eyeball test and whatever and said I was free to go. Whew!!! Would've sucked if he took me into county jail for the night. This place is in the city of Rocklin. The cops are known for hunting you down like this. I saw that car follow me out of the bar. Didn't know it was a cop car at the time. Anyway, it's all good. I passed the test and went on my merry way home. But before I found the onramp, I was in a different lane so I jumped over a solid line (hahahah). Not sure if the cop saw me but I went on turbo mode on the onramp and never looked back.

On the lighter side of things, I went out to hang with Heidi and the gang last night. Funny when I checked into this bar. It's more of a younger crowd for sure. Probably college kids. The door lady checks my ID and says "Hey!! You're old!" haha. I told her "Gee! Thanks!". She said I didn't look that age. She was 1/2 joking too so it was cool. Anyway, there were some friends there that I didn't see in a year or two. Got to do the meet and greet thing again. Some of the ladies gained some weight though. ugh..

Anyway, I had on my new cologne that just came in yesterday and it's now one of my top three favorite colognes now I think. It smells sooooo good. I can still smell it after a good night's rest still on my shirt. There was karaoke. Not the biggest fan of that but I don't mind if we sing as a group. The bar wasn't busy at first then it got way packed after that. Crazy busy. Had to walk sideways just to squeeze through to get a drink at the bar. I wasn't having too much fun at that point so that's when I told Heidi adios. She of course tries to keep us to stay and she managed to keep us another 1/2 hr longer. She is very good at persuading people at times. Then of course the run in with the cops later and that was that.

Now it's morning. Waking up to a cold morning except in my room. got my Costco portable heater on. Sitting up in bed. Got my coffee. Flowers full bloom in sight. Paid holiday today and the smell of this cologne is just amazing. How can I not wake up feeling good and not smile.

I checked in with my peeps to see what they are up to. My friend Susan is alone today so I'll take her to the Doubletree Hotel where they have Thanksgiving lunch buffet. It's a great buffet. Lots of all the classic foods and an awesome selection of desserts. It's around $40 bucks but hey, don't need to cook and clean so it's worth it.

Then later, I got invited to a Thanksgiving dinner at someone's house so I might check it out. Maybe. Not sure I like some of the peeps attending. My friend's horny wife will be there for sure and I'm not wanting that. Getting confused between surrounding myself with good people and that 1% theory I tell myself about getting out there in the world. Well, maybe I'll get a better offer later today. haha.

Also, loony-roomy is home from visiting family. They don't want her at the actual Thanksgiving celebration because she gets too drunk and stupid. So they took her a few days early to make sure she did something. Now she is here alone. Feel bad for her but not bad enough to take her with me.

Here are a few pics of that hole in the wall bar we went to last night "before" it got way packed and my new cologne that I'm liking :) That hole is the wall I think was called Lorees Shack in Rocklin CA.

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