London Life
2019-11-28 11:15:17 (UTC)

Mouse in the house

Wed 27/11/2019
Jack keeps seeing a mouse late at night – I also saw one out of the corner of my eye, which at first I thought was a trick of the light. We’ve caught two of them in our humane trap. One of them, Jack took outside, but only to the other side of the road; that mouse may have come back. When I had to take one out, in Jack's absence, I took it all the way down to the canal. I would run a hundred metres if I saw one running around our flat. It’s the first such problem we’ve ever had. So Jack’s got some wall-plugs which apparently make a noise which a man can’t hear, but scares mice away.

I did my run this morning, up Primrose Hill and back to the Co-Op. I was wondering whether to persist, as I had a thigh strain as soon as I started, but It was all right later, I wore my highest stack heels for work, to keep the pressure off my thigh. Inevitably I got around to searching topless pictures of a model I’ve got to know recently. All the search results returned the same one set, which were arty rather than sexy. But she did look good.

Went with Jack to help out at the charity shop – we were cleaning the kitchen, plus I had a go at the skirting boards on the stairs. Beforehand we spoke to Rebecca, who afterwards, when I was talking to Rosie, was clearly waiting to say goodbye to me, as she’s going to Brazil for 40 days. She wanted to give me a hug, which kind of indicates she sees me as a special friend, after I’d made an effort to talk to her in recent weeks.
I thought I might instead have to go to he homeless shelter; Ben was saying in the WhatsApp group that he was going to be in touch with me, but he asked Hanri instead, who was evidently surprised and slightly alarmed about how to get there.

Lici turned up, unusually, and Tasha made her "monthly" visit, just in time to sign up for the Christmas meal. Spoke briefly to Lucy and Tilly, and a new girl, Hannah. Went to the pub, chatting to the very lively Emma from Tower Hamlets on the way. Didn’t pre-load but had two pints of Camden Hells, which they’ve recently introduced. I was between Emma and Ben, but after he left I was talking to the bloke from Leeds, with the interesting George the other side of the table. Somehow we got onto the subject of dubious bank payments, and Waitrose club cards.