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2019-11-27 08:08:26 (UTC)

Almost Thanksgiving

Hmm, only invited to one Thanksgiving feast so far. Usually, I get several offers. I must be slacking in the friendship category. lol. I got one but not wanting to go there with them. It's my old dart couple. The one where the wife flirts with and wants me. For years, I let it go but a few months back, she said that her husband won't last long and wants someone to take care of her. Well screw that!! I thought it was just fun and games before. It got serious and my friend Susan actually heard her say that. Told her then and there that it's not happening and I was pretty much distance with her since then.

I do have a plan B though. The Doubletree hotel has a thanksgiving buffet. I've been there maybe three times now? Once when both my Sisters were visiting me, once with the kiddos ( I remember because they grabbed a bunch of chocolate mousses and only ate the whip cream portion of it), and with my meetup group. Easy peasy. Pay, eat, and no cleanup or anything. Just leave a tip and it's all good. Just have to drive home before the passing out part comes to play :)

Gym was a kickass event yesterday. I only realized it after. Tuesday nights is movie nights with friends. I still felt the burn in my arm when I was reaching for popcorn in the popcorn bucket. haha. It must've been a good workout for sure. Today will be 3 in a row of gym class this week. Waking up to the pain of sore muscles is a blessing. I know it's helping me get toned. In fact, I got a very short but very nice message yesterday about my pics I posted in the last post regarding my silly tux shoes and she wasn't nicely commenting about the shoes. I'm a guy so of course a compliment from a woman put a smile on my face.

Got more texts from flaker-dater. She sure seems to be putting in a lot of effort to possibly catfish me. Still cautious about my kidney, liver, or whatever it is they need in the black market. She hasn't asked me for money. I actually told this to my friend at work and he couldn't stop laughing. If she's a catfish, fake person, or have some kind of hidden agenda, she's good at it. She's very smart and her texts require some thought. I did tell her though that her broken phone excuse, then this two week job in whatever country she's going to are two strikes. One more strike and that'd be it. I like myself too much and know when to draw the line.

The weather right now is very cold, rainy, and windy. Still in bed writing, drinking my coffee, looking at my flowers pretty much in full bloom now. I went to bed and sprayed on my Layton cologne. I'm finding some of these scents are helping me sleep. Maybe I should go the cheaper routes and plug in those oil scent thingamabobs from Glade or Air Wick. Life seems pretty nice today and for no specific reason. Hope I get many more days like this where I can just wake up and even with sore muscles be able to smile just because :) That's it for now. My hard on has died down. Time to take advantage of this and go #1, shower and get ready for work. Later peeps :)