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2019-11-27 10:22:01 (UTC)

Nov 26 2019 Tuesday

Hi people!
I have a slight headache today. This could be because I did more exercises with dumbbells yesterday and plus I decided not to have dinner last night. Or maybe I am just tired of my friend whining about her affection for a married man. She is also married. Both families have children. And who is guilty now that she chose to marry a refined, reliable and emotionally restrained guy with a lack of true feelings, and now her soul needs a soulmate. She wants to turn this affection into friendship but, assuming all her charms, it is not possible to have just friendship with a man, she loves. And he is not in rush to ruin his own family. I don’t know how to help her to alleviate this suffering. I had a hope that this will slow down and disappeared with time, but it still exists like a desert mirage.
Well, people, it’s up to you what to make of this story depending on your culture and beliefs. I could not tell this to anybody else. But I am just glad that these days I already don't have any annoying affections poisoning my own life.