London Life
2019-11-26 23:34:33 (UTC)

Every night when I go to bed ..

Every night I get into bed before Jack, and I read a book while I’m waiting for him. Sometimes I have to wait a while for him to join me in bed and give me my pleasure, because he stays in the front room watching Newsnight, looking at his phone or just generally faffing about. Maybe he’s got too used to my sexy nighties to be in a hurry to join me, or I’m starting to get old.

Anyway, the upshot is, that I get a lot of reading done. I’m currently on page 356 of a long book by a USA writer, entitled “the age of urveillance capitalism”.
It’s quite good on the history and methodology of how internet companies track us, but like Guardian articles on the subject, it assumes this “surveillance” to be harmful, without ever really saying what harm’s being done. The way I see it, the gathering of personal information, anonymously, is almost solely aimed at attracting advertising revenue. The main harm I identify from the internet is something completely different: the underhand interference in democratic processes.

I lay in bed for a bit this morning before remembering I’m supposed to go for a local run on Tuesdays, as I can’t run into work with my laptop. I took the lazy option and put off the morning run until tomorrow, even though I’m running in the evening. I did walk up the stairs to the 7th floor of the office today. Another girl was keen to overtake me, which suited me, as I got a great view of her shapely legs as she climbed the steep stairs ahead of me.

Elina was still off sick, so I sat with Pauline. I went for a pointless six-month review, where my manager glossed over my errors. I haven’t even looked at two of the “development” options I said I’d do. Then I got a lot of fiddly work: uplifts, a purchase order query, confirmation letters and a solicitor actually querying a letter wording – usually the other solicitor waves it through, I don’t know what to do when they query it. And it was a case I’d held onto for a week, doing nothing.

Elina turned up in late afternoon, as she was meeting her boyfriend and needed to pick up her laptop, to work from home tomorrow. I was surprised how pleased I was to see her, it was quite hard leaving her, but I was meeting Jack at the bus stop.

We went to football, which after an early scare was a fairly routine, easy win. Beforehand we tried a new restaurant, VeganE. Got a very large lasagne at a decent price. Another couple brought in their blind, scraggy dog, who they'd got from a rescue centre.