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2019-11-25 21:41:43 (UTC)

Busy day

Work was busy today. Boss is silly trying to mess with me. He said why won't I be able to complete two new projects by this week. Well, We are off on Thursday and Friday. He still said why not? Told him the intake form is wrong so it can't even be started on yet. Still he gave me a hard time. Finally, he saw that he didn't even assign the projects to me yet. Haha. What an idiot. Asking me to complete it in two days when I didn't even get the assignment yet. Silly-dilly. But that's cool. I have great coworkers and I still love my job. And I get paid pretty good. Not gonna starve anytime soon for sure.

I find that I can't be away from the gym for more than a couple days before I feel a little stress. I need my dopamine fix for sure. Just weighed myself at 158 lbs. By morning, I should drop to maybe 156. That's what happens when you drink a lot of water. You evaporate it overnight.

Got home from gym class and see that I have a package from Amazon. Isn' that a nice thing to come home to? lol It's like Santa came by and dropped stuff off. I didn't even remember what I ordered till I opened it. It was my tuxedo shoes (still rolling my eyes on this tuxedo concept). Looks like those black very shiny ass shoes little girls wear when they're in the 1st grade. I don't understand this tuxedo concept but ok, I'll play the part.

Walk into my room and still can't really smell the flowers unless I put my nose up to it. I guess it's due to the cold weather. It's getting colder here is Sac. I mean nothing like Wisconsin but 52 high and 41 low. Coming from Hawaii, that's bone chilling cold for me. So I treat myself to my fancy-smancy cologne from Parfum De Marly called Kalan. It smells a little smokey and woody. They say there is blood orange but I can't smell it. Probably because I have a glass of red wine and I only smell the cabernet.

Tried on my Tux shoes. It fits good. Not biting me anywhere when I walk around. But the shiny ass shoes really makes me hate it. But then again, it's the Nazi tuxedo rules I guess. I posed for it as best I could but in my gym clothes. Just me being silly.

So what do I think of these? I think this is stupid. I don't know why there are these rules for wearing tuxs. I'm good with sweats but I know that won't have many women pounding on my front door wanting to see me. lol.

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