London Life
2019-11-25 16:20:36 (UTC)

Girlfriends, Ladies' Father Christmas, cooking Fails

Haven’t been in touch with Elina all weekend - I seem to have stopped writing to her late at night. I wrote this morning, to see if we could sit together today, but eventually she wrote back still unwell. She made me promise to go out to lunch with her, rather than Jack, if she comes in tomorrow. I missed Chatel on Friday, she went for a meal with some of the girls while I was training, but she says she wants to go for a separate vegan meal with me. Maybe she still thinks I’m her special one.

My Daughter Christmas holder dress has arrived, very sexy and a good fit. Although I’ll wear fishnets and high-heeled boots, I need a beard with it, so I sent off for one this morning. Also bought a replacement mask and headband to wear at Torture Garden, avoiding the usual charade of realising, on the evening of the club, that I’ve lost the ones I had before. I managed to find suppliers who would use Royal Mail instead of charging £4.99 for delivery firms.

A Guardian fashion writer said that a feature of this decade is that hemlines have fallen since 2013. She can’t have walked down any high street this year. Mini-skirts still rule! Especially for lovely Laila, always proudly displaying her legs, who I chatted to briefly this afternoon.

Met Jack after work, we were going to a Living Cities meeting in the sweet little curvy Cowcross Street in Clerkenwell. We were expecting to be sitting in rows of chairs and to be listening to speakers talking about how to improve London's streets, to favour people rather than vehicles. But when we arrived, there were about ten people sitting round a boardroom-sized table, we'd be expected to take part in a discussion. So we quietly left.

We had a walk around parts of St John's Priory. Most towns would promote this as one of their sites to visit. But London has so much to see, a site like this is barely known to people who live here. Looked briefly in a vegan grab-and-go, but I was quite full from eating half a pasta and spinach meal before leaving work, which I'd bought in that nice shop last night. So we went to Veggie Pret in Exmouth Market, a quiet little bike run-through.

At home I had time to make an Indian sweet potato and spinach pie. Except that I hadn't got any spinach left after yesterday's cooking. Or any pastry. I had to buy tortillas instead, yesterday, as I couldn't get pastry. Too late, Jack told me we had some Jus-Rol pastry in the freezer.

For yesterday,'s meal I bought some Dill, thinking it was the only herb/spice I hadn't got. Until I got home, and found I'd already got two little jars of it. And Jack told me he doesn't like it, so I couldn' t even put it in the recipe.

Wrote to Elina in bed. She says she'll come in tomorrow. But she has to get up at 5:30 to do her face. Even though she's never in the office before 10.