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2019-11-24 21:25:49 (UTC)

Woah!!Call from flaker-dater

Yeah, I know I like making nicknames for some people. This one is named flaker-dater. The one I supposed to see last week but didn't show. Well, as I indicated, she kept giving me little bait texts like good morning, how are you, did you have a good night last night. Uh.... I call bull crap on that. Called her out on it and told her adios. Not into someone that lacked communication. I ask her little simple questions. Not grilling but just silly little things and she always manages to ignore them. Well, I'm not stupid and like I said, I called her out on it.

So what happens? She calls and we talk. Well, mostly I let her talk. I learned a lot in a year. I let them do the talking now. Listen and learn. She says she's Chinese American. Not sure what that means exactly. Either your American or not. Anyway, I'm guessing Chinese decent but now an American citizen? Ok. I'm not biased in any race. Funny flashback just happened. My ex wife was first generation Mexican from Guadalajara. Ex gf was a Native American. Faye was Iranian. Now this woman is Chinese American. Just makes me go hmmmmm. Anyway, after I pretty much brushed her off by text, I get a call from her saying she does value communication and she did answer all my questions. I corrected her by repeating some of the things she conveniently did not answer.

Well, this time she answered them. So I push it and bombard her with all these questions that I at first wanted to wait till we met. But since I thought she was a catfish or a fake profile of a possible 70 year old gay man, I said effe it and asked away. Does she have kids? Ever been married? All the hard questions that you usually ease your way into but since I was pretty sure this was a bullcrap profile I was texting with, I removed the gloves.

So she is of Chinese decent for sure. Her grammar is freaking perfect so she is highly educated. As you folks know, mine suck. My outline isn't organized. Typos everywhere (but I blame most of the autocorrect and my hands cramping from my surgery) I babble from subject to subject. Her's? Pretty dang perfect. So she is smart. However, her verbal skills you can tell is lacking not because she is stupid, it's because it's not her primary language.

I can't go into details but she shocked the hell out of me. She really spoke to me from her heart. You can't bullshit you way through what she said. I could hear her voice shaking nervously and she said things that was pretty deep as far as relationships and what she is looking for. The crappy thing about all she said was that I agree with everything she said. Dang it!!! She said some deep things that I don't say to anyone but feel and believe in it too. I gave her some insight on my beliefs after all that because dang it, she said some deep ass insights about herself and her beliefs regarding a special someone.

So after our chat, she says she is even more interested in seeing me. Her exact text after we spoke was "It was really nice talking to you. I'm really impressed and now even more looking forward to meeting you". She also sent me a couple of more pics. While it was a positive call from her, I'm grounded in my head and not gonna just take the bait. I will be curious but not going to bite just yet. I shall see if what she said is for real and if she is really going to see me. I'm not chasing. I told her since she missed our last date, it's on her to set up the next one.

But as I said, she said some words that not a lot of people think or believe in anymore. Nowadays, everyone is thinking like "The bachelor" or some stupid reality show. People don't even want to work on relationships anymore. They think love is a feeling and you have to keep feeling it but once it's gone, they move on. People say "I love you" way too much and pretty much say it without really realizing or understanding what real love means. They think it's just a feeling. Nope, that's the chemicals your brain is releasing in your body. Real love is the stuff that comes after the high goes away. This lady actually told me pretty much all these things. I was pretty shocked by what she said.

So....... I guess I won't give up on my flaker-dater just yet. I like what she said and I'm curious. Curious but cautious of course. If anything, I need to tell myself again. 1%. If you have a 1% chance of enjoying yourself and having fun, then it's worth taking a look-see. Besides, how lucky am I at least to temporarily be able to attract these women from different races? I never cared of thought about a woman's race when I dated. Maybe.. just maybe.... they see my heart and not my race or culture. Maybe they can see beyond that and no matter what race they are, Mexican, Native American, Iranian, (and a few others growing up in Hawaii). or in this case Chinese... maybe they can see just me as a man that has value.

No matter what happens good or bad, I'm glad I'm not just sitting on the side watching life go by. And if the women I attract at least are from different places, maybe it's a reflection of me that shows I'm looking at someone's soul. But again, I laugh because I do have some physical traits that I like. Call me shallow but hey, that's what floats my boat.

Here is another pic she just sent. Still might be a fake so I can't confirm this person is the same person I'm chatting with. I do know that I am speaking with a Chinese lady with an accent. I think the person I am speaking with is the age the pic shows. When I called her later, it did go to voice mail and the name on the recording matches her profile. When I told her that she is kinda pretty and her profile pic is suspect. She did say how long can they pull a fake profile because once you meet, it'll show the truth. So yeah... true to that. That's if we ever meet. I told her that too. Some peeps like to just chat and text but never meet and that's how they get their rocks off. I actually didn't say it that way but that's how I'm describing it here on this diary. So here she is. What do you folks think? I mean if it's a fake profile, at least it a pic of a cute fake profile :) lol

To be continued

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