Do Not Disturb

2019-11-24 22:38:55 (UTC)

Bought My First Drink

I bought my first drink yesterday at this Christmas light festival we went to. I had a great time but ended uo with a little bit of hang over because my head was hurting well the side of my head was and no worries I was with my family. Better family than, friends. We're suppose to go somewhere again today but don't know where exactly because it's a "suprise" I guess.

We go back home tomorrow because I have to work. I tried calling my job to seebwh4at time I have to work but they talking about how busy they were because they have 3 buses and it sounded like Mike in the back laughing.

I'm kind of glad I got away for the weekend at least that's one thing I won't be stressed out about.

I decided to download the app again. It seems like I can't make up my mind for nothing. I download it then I delete snd this goes on forever. I don't know if, I'll find anyone on their or if, their gonna find me.

That's how I kind of meet Adetayo on their but we stopped talking. Well, he stopped talking to me but then he has the nerve to text me back to say hey and how was I doing like who does that when they don't wanna talk to you anymore that's stupid.

Anyways, what's done is done. He claims he wanna be " friends" then, doesn't text me back. This is why I have trust issues with guys right now. This is why I wanna be single. I just wanna find someone who likes me for me you know but I don't think theirs anyone in the world like that that just wants more than, sex from me.

- A

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