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2019-11-24 08:36:41 (UTC)

Everything in balance

I finally got some rhythm going and caught up with everything. Work is going ok and the flow of projects coming in and me working on them is not overwhelming. It feels good to associate with my work buddies again (Some I've known for 18 years now). I'm back into the groove of going to my primary gym. I get to see and chat with my gym peeps again (minus my Superstar friend). My weight has finally got back down to 158 lbs (although I need to make my new range from 150-155 hopefully). Still haven't broken into the social group at Church yet but I'm working on it. My meetup friends are going strong. My dart friends? Well, not so much as I can't play yet. My surgery although successful requires really good touch with my fingers and I'm not sure if I can ever get that quality of touch ever again so my dart skills is deplorable now. Not to worry. Life has many doors for many other types of hobbies so I'm good.

Looking around in my room and it's pretty clean. Got me some roses again. It's red and yellow roses this time. I like the contrast between them. The scent isn't filling the room like before. Not sure if it's the type of roses or the cold. It's pretty chilly in my room even with the portable heater on. Woke up and my 2 boys (you know what I mean) were snuggled up close to me. haha.

Got pretty much all my crap done yesterday. Went to the Men's Warehouse and bought me my first complete tux. Found out even with a good quality brand, it's not that expensive at all. No sense ever renting when you can just buy them. Learned a few things from my fav saleslady too. She is so cool by the way. Or maybe she's kissing my ass because I buy stuff? lol.

I learned that there are tuxedo shirts. doh!! That's the ghetto in me. You have to buy those cufflinks to put on your shirt because they don't have the 4 buttons on the top like normal shirts. I still don't know what to do with the other two bigger cufflinks. Bow ties. Got that. I know how to tie regular ties but not bow ties. Need to youtube that sucker. There is such a thing as tuxedo shoes. Really? Doh!! Ordered those from Amazon since I doubt I'll be wearing tuxedos a lot.

Also bought this cool red, yes red dinner jacket. Sort of synonymous with a tux but I will wear that because I figure everyone will be wearing a tux in a fancy-smancy dinner or wedding. Screw that! I want to be different sometimes. But yeah, got the black (eyes rolling) tux jacket too along with the pants. Didn't know tuxedo shirts do not come in red or other cool colors. Just the bread and butter white, black and not sure what else but that's all I saw. So I bought two white and one black since they were on sale for buy 3 for 99 bucks.

As I was walking out to the cashier with my saleslady, I saw a nice bomber jacket and I knew it was on sale from the facebook ads. Grabbed one of those and also a nice dark blue sports coat for times when I want to look sort of cool but wearing chinos and a black Calvin Klein shirt. Haha. I'm guessing gone are the days with the sneaker, loose jean pants, and polo shirts. Haha. Nah, I'll still wear them since I still gottem.

So all three jackets are getting custom fitted. I'll get them in time before the formal dinner and The only one I could take home right now was the leather jacket. I guess this would be a shitty time to quit the gym and get back to my old fat 198 lbs. That's be tragic financially.

I followed up with my friend Jenny now that she's back and all is good at her house. She thanked me again for watching her kiddos and doggie. Thanked me too for filling her fridge with snacks and stuff along with a bunch of my full bar halloween leftovers since not to many showed up at my place.

Well, just trying to finish my cup of coffee. Texted my friends to see if they're ok backpack camping. It was pretty cold last night but I did get a text from Heidi so she must be doing fine. It was a link to a pic with the header saying "Don't drink and prime". The pic was the front porch of a house full of Amazon packages. lol! That's me alright. Texted my friend Susan to see how she was feeling. I know it must be shitty because her Dad passed away only last week. Loony-roomy is being picked up today for an early Thanksgiving with her Sister returning Wed. No text from my ex wife which is fantastic. Pretty much smooth sailing in my life at the moment. I'm at a neutral part of my life journey which is more than fine with me.

Time to get ready for church.. later peeps :)

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