London Life
2019-11-24 15:58:06 (UTC)

'2040' , Andy Zaltzman, River Thames run, home-made Greek pie

Another early start; got a bus to Victoria to get to somewhere just South of Battersea Bridge by 8. I was two minutes late but others arrived late, Lorna who lives nearest was ten minutes late. They were meeting at a cafe, but actually it wasn’t open so I was quite thirsty.

It was a good idea, to run over thirteen bridges crossing the Thames. Emma was there (after never meeting her, I’ve seen her three times in two weekends), with her equally quiet friend. Ian from Southwark was leading the run, there was a bald bloke I didn’t know, taking the photos, a Bulgarian girl, and Matthew from Wandsworth, nine of us altogether.

It was more than 14km but it went by very quickly. The place we’d booked for an 09:30 meal, wasn’t even open, so we decided to go to a local café at St Katherine’s Dock, which didn’t have any vegan options, other than avocado on toast. Ian’s fairly small orange juice cost £3.50. A lot of the runners were quite quiet.

I’ve just booked to go to Torture Garden in December, only the second time I've been to a sex club this year, (plus one where they wouldn’t let me in, after saying they’d sort me out. All I got to see was one firm-bottomed customer in fishnets and a thong leotard, while I was waiting outside) . Dom wants to organise a run between city farms, starting at Kentish Town, which will be the day after. I’ll be out clubbing most of the night! But 10:00 is actually a good time for me to start the run, as be able to get to football afterwards.

I ran home from St Katherine’s Dock, going in the wrong direction a couple of times in the City, and rather than go to the greengrocers, to get ingredients, I shopped at Waitrose behind King’s Cross, and when I got home, instead of looking at sexy-girl pictures like yesterday, I spent some productive time making Greek butter-bean pie for our lunches this week. I don’t know why they call it a pie, it’s more like a stew. I also started a sweet potato and spinach pie, which actually has got a Jus-rol pastry wrapping.

After my shower, I wanted to wear g-string knickers, but could only find full-thong pairs, Maybe the string-ones have disappeared down the same black hole as my missing keys. I was going out with Jack to the nice independent Castle cinema in Homerton. We had time to get some snacks in the "green" food shop below the cinema.

The film '2040' was an attempt to take an optimistic look at climate change, by looking at things we can still do to mitigate the effects by that year. The Australian director was interviewed afterwards by a child, who apparently presents something on BBC4.

Then we went to 2Northdown to see comedian Andy Zaltzman's work-in-progress show before his forthcoming run at the Soho Theatre. He made a lot of political jokes which made good points and would be funny if it didn't remind me of the terrible things that have happened to the country since 2010. He got no response when asked if there were any Leave voters in the audience. Many times he commented about his unreadiness for the Soho dates.

We walked along the canal afterwards. The Tories have increased their poll lead. Seems to me Dominic Cummings' facile slogan is the only thing that's getting through.