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2019-11-24 09:24:10 (UTC)

Nov 23 2019 Saturday

Hi people!
The day was wonderful! On the very rare occasions, I work extra hours on weekends. So, the Golden hour was in full force when I was walking back home. The beautiful and calm evening suddenly was pierced with fire truck siren sound somewhere nearby. ‘Beware!’ What, exactly, should I beware of? Ok. Alas, the miracle has not happened yet in my ordinary life, I increase my self-awareness, the ability "to be mindful of what I am doing and understand why I am doing it". Well, that is something, when, for example, I ate another piece of chocolate I am completely aware of that :) Ummm… After reading a part of “The Chocolate Fast book…” I really understood that I have to be more aware… :)