London Life
2019-11-23 21:31:27 (UTC)

Dulwich to High Barnet

Sat 23/11/2019
Woke up before 7 and got a bus from Brixton to Dulwich park to volunteer at the ParkRun. After over-shooting the start, I saw Emily and her friend coming the other way, and they put me right. I was very chatty straight away. I didn’t know several of the people there, but Dom and the lovely timekeeper Frances C turned up (either timing her arrival very well or very badly – she arrived about 8:50), also Emma from last week. If Dom and Abi are a couple, they haven’t done the same runs on Wednesday or today. I talked to Izzy for a bit, first time for ages. Spoke to Neal, who was with baby Sophie, who’s been to lots of Millwall games at home and away, as his wife works at weekends. I put his pace number on his back, with difficulty.

I was funnelling, meaning I had to make sure people kept moving after finishing their run, and staying in the right order. This was quite difficult when it got crowded, as it was so congested they were stopping people finishing. Frances was telling me to be more forceful. Sadly she left quickly, after the end.

After the run, we went to the park café and I got a vegan sausage roll but the system was confusing after I bought a tea, I took a cup with a number on it, they said I didn’t need that, then I waited by the coffee place, they were shouting out people’s names when their drink was ready but I hadn’t even given them my name. Then they said I had to go to the other side, where I got a whole pot of tea on a tray! I had a bit of a chat but had to leave for the tree planting at Totteridge.

I saw Lorna at the bus stop and talked to her all the way to Brixton and then on the tube – she was going to tea at Selfridges. She said “this is your stop” at Stockwell, and although I wasn’t going that way, I got off and got back on the train further down, in case she was fed up with all my chat and maybe wanted some peace and quiet.

When I changed at Euston, I got the “wrong” Northern Line branch, just so I could focus on a girl standing in a very short denim dress. Then on the next train, even as it was coming in I spotted the girl who I wanted to sit (almost) opposite. She was showing all her thigh, and when she crossed her legs, her side-bum was showing. Eventually, we were the only two left in the carriage, and when she was lifting up her micro-mini-dress to clean her phone, I could almost imagine she was teasing me, and then she spread her legs! (probably to look in her bag though). I turned my head away at this, I'm not looking up there. I did watch her from behind as she went up the stairs at High Barnet. Incredibly, a Guardian writer today said "hemlines got lower in the 2010s". Gladly not true!

The tree-planting job was supposed to go on until 14;00, but the WhatsApp group were saying they were already finishing. Surprisingly there wasn’t even a snack afterwards – I don’t think Damian was there. Clair, Laura G and Fay were there and said it was a bit soggy. So I went back home, where I was reviewing my Flikr site, deleting some pictures and adding corny captions such as “the dentist got me to take all my clothes off”, and more of Cassie’s catching up with different “old school friends”.

Jack came home and for the first time for ages, I sat down and watched television. We cuddled on the sofa watching the BBC Question Time election interviews from last night except for the SNP one. The Conservatives came off much the worse, with Labour looking serious and confident. Then we saw ‘Have I Got News For You’ David Mitchell was accusing Rory Stewart of being a spy, then later that he'd climbed up a wall to get in his office, which was very difficult “for a civilian”, which I laughed hugely at. I sorted through my recipes while this was on.

I did the links for the Top 100, having to catch up on most of the chart, nor just the new entries. I actually posted it on time yesterday, first time for a few weeks. I looked at more Flikr pictures, heard a few tunes, a bit of BBC London Introducing and then the EFL show.