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2019-11-23 10:54:07 (UTC)

Got an invite to a formal dinner

WTH? Got invited to a formal dinner but is specifies " Women need to wear floor length gowns. For men, Tux preferred but optional but not preferred black suit". You gotta be freaking kidding me. It's at someone's house. Will there be someone in the bathroom handing out little wash cloths and whatever those fancy bathroom attendants do? Seems a little to uppity up with the nose type atmosphere for me. I know them a little. It was a party I went to that was mostly for an International group of peeps. That's where I met wishy-washy Faye.

I chatted with most people there and they aren't rich at all. I guess I need to just chill the hell out and think of that 1% chance I'll have fun. So ok, I'll go. Actually, I've been meaning to buy a dinner jacket/outfit anyway. I never had one and I think it's time for me to step it up. So.. whatever. I'll play.

Somehow today, I woke up early enough to make the 8:00 AM gym class. I saw some peeps there that I haven't seen in awhile. One of them I tease so much in a mean way because her name is spelled the same as my ex gf! She knows it and I even told her way back that I'm mad at her parents for naming her that name and that she should change it legally. lol. It's all in fun of course and I went right back into teasing her again today. She actually said it's nice to see me again and thanked me sarcastically for stepping right back into giving her crap. It was a fun day at the gym for sure. We also have this challenge for all the gyms that I go to and it's called a myzone challenge. That's the stuff we wear to get our points. Just like fitbit but better. So far, no matter how freaking hard I try, I'm still only at the top 21st place. Dang!! I hate being behind. But then again, there are a dozen of our gyms and there are about 800 members total maybe wearing this so I'm not doing so bad. At least that's what I'm telling myself to make myself feel better. But crap!! I want to be in the top 10!!!!!!

Let's see. My flaker-dater texted me again today. I think it's a fake profile and she/he/it just want's to get a rise outta me. She does her basic questions and greeting like hi, how are you. Had a good night last night, blah, blah, blah. However, when I ask her generic questions just to get to know her, she doesn't answer. So I told her that her communication with me is not what I'm looking for and pretty much asked why she's like that. So she got the hint and hopefully it's Adioa-amigas.

I checked and I got my last $2,100 for my SDI. Didn't even know I had that so that's like extra cha-ching for me. I guess I can afford that tux now. So.. it's time for some shopping for a suit. Also need my visual effects in the room so I'm buying a 3X mirror to make my johnson look bigger than it is. lol. Just kidding folks. I'm wanting to buy some flowers so I can wake up smelling roses and seeing those roses bloom :)

Let's see. I heard about this cologne that supposed to be the bomb. Made by Parfum De Marly again and it's called Herod. I found a reputable place to buy a bottle for $205. Normally it's $295 and we aren't talking Canadian. I wish it was but nope, It's Merican money. Sigh. haha.

As you can see, just coming back from the gym has put me in a good mood. I got my fix of dopamine and I just weighed myself and I'm finally below my 160 lb ceiling and I drank at least 1/2 a gallon of water at gym class. I'm now at 159.8 lb. Effe yeah! I'm not gonna round that off. I'm taking that .2 lbs as a cushion. haha. Taking my vitamins and that all important Omega 3 pills (Fancy name for fish oil if you ask me).

Haha. Just got a few texts from flaker-dater. She seems to be in a panic mode now indicating she has been communicating with me. I gave her sample questions that I asked and she omitted to answer. She answered them now right away. haha. But I still think it's a catfish or something like that. I hope it's not like a 70 year old gay dude or 90 year old lady texting me. Nothing against gay people so I don't want to hear it. I'm just into women. Preferably a woman that is honest, faithful, dependable, and communicates with me. I'd prefer to be taller than her but hey, I don't mind being the spinner if she has all those other qualities.

That's it for now. Hitting the bank then the Men's Warehouse that is next door. Still in my gym clothes so I know those peeps won't want to give me the time of day except for the saleslady that I bought my suits from. She's cool and she'll take care of me and my lack of fashion skills. Then Coscto.

P.S. I got a message from a reader here. Sort of surprised she gave me a real heartfelt response because her diary is bit steamy. Yup, guilty of reading her diary. But she told me not to throw the kiddo's stuff away and just put them away and just hide it somewhere for now. So I got a box and will put it in the back corner of a closet. Just wanted to thank her for it and since she is probably reading this, she got the message :)