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2019-11-23 08:54:08 (UTC)

Nov 22 2019 Friday

Hi people!
There was sunny and mild weather this afternoon. The sky was clear except for some white clouds over the mountains shaped like clenched fists :) So, what’s wrong? Well, in the general run of things there was nothing wrong actually. Yesterday night I was cooked dinner listening to some new horror stories on one of YouTube channels. Then, I was watching the end of a cool comedy movie, talking to my friends, and doing some chores until bedtime eventually appears. So, I was not drinking alcohol, and I was not eating a whole pack of Lay’s chips. And the movie was really interesting. What’ the problem? The problem is like if I decided to drive to somewhere, I will drive till I reach the next point of interest or a next bump. But if I will be sitting in a side road canteen listening to cool stories or whatever else, I will never reach the goal.