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2019-11-22 12:17:03 (UTC)

Deleting the kiddos

Well, after babysitting my friend's kiddos for a couple of days, I think I need to clean up some of my things that I feel is effecting me negatively. Pics of the Ex's wife's kids. I love them to death but it's like what for? Not going to see them again because the ex wife deemed to not let it happen. It probably makes me feel down when I look at their pics so I decided. I decided I will take down the pics at home, work, car, and my wallet of the kiddos.

Before they last left me, my boy left me a watch and a small stuffed animal. It's Cartman from South Park actually. It's one of the few things he was able to get me with his own money. When they last ransacked and left me, he made sure those two things were left behind where I could see them. Sort of like a "I didn't forget you Dad and I love you" goodbye from him to me. That was the last thing he did for me. The girl was old enough to write me a letter saying she loved me and goodbye. But that too is on the side of my fridge and I think that has to go. Only brings me pain and discomfort.

I need to keep positive and anything that is bringing me down I need to get rid of. I had one long time friend from darts. He's become toxic. Well, I no longer hang around with him and I feel it's been a positive outcome for me.

I seem to be able to deal with adversity now. Boss acting like an ass, I just shrug him off. My date inticating she texted me but never got? Pffft! She hasn't earned the right for me to even care.

Since I last weighed at 163lbs, I really turned it up a notch at the gym. I did a double session yesterday. I've been to the gym 5 days in a row. I've been eating very well too. When I get home today, I'll check my weight. It better be back to specs. At least I'm getting my dopamine fix for sure :)

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