London Life
2019-11-22 15:23:24 (UTC)

Running, training, revealing leotards

Friday 22nd November (daytime)

Couldn’t run into work as I had to carry my laptop, so I did a long run round Regent’s Park and back home. The park looked fantastic in its autumnal colours, but I felt tired and sluggish. I was too hot, due to being over-cautious in wearing two tops. I didn’t have time to go to work by bus, so got the Tube, but I caught the train going in the wrong direction and got into the office nearly twenty minutes late. I sat on the 5th floor so I could sit with Elina, but she texted to say she was off sick.

I’d done my hair and make-up quickly this morning, forgetting we were having new work pass photos done today, and I may have to live with that picture for years. Went to training for Microsoft OneNote. The trainer was talking as loud as if he was addressing a conference, rather than a small room of ten people, and I was sitting next to him, so I wished my deaf ear of recent weeks would momentarily return. He said we should use the 2016 version, then kept showing us functions which only appear on the newer version. Wendy was there, a lady who’s name I didn’t know before, but she wears short skirts, so I often gaze at her shapely legs.

Jack wanted to see me before I go out – he’s got us tickets for Circus 1903 – a grown-ups one, which he went to with his cousin last year. I’ve never been to a circus before, but from a young age I was captivated (and quite astonished) by the revealing outfits the female performers wear - basically thong or semi-thong glittery leotards – and this was before thong bikinis were routine. In my bedroom I used to secretly pretend to be one of those ladies, in my (adjusted) swimming costume. Not that I could hope to be any good at trapeze, I just used to dive onto my bed.

Jack went out with Pedro and I went to the match. After a very poor start, they recovered well and picked off the rivals yet again. Again I wore: too many layers, plus warm skirt and boots, I got a bit sweaty. Meanwhile Johnson seems to have had a tough time from a BBC audience.