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2019-11-22 09:29:10 (UTC)

Nov 21 2019 Thursday

Hi people!
The windy morning today gradually turned into astonishingly charming twilight. I do not want to offend other places I’ve been to, but Southern California definitely has a special ability to create the most beautiful sunsets! So, of course, that wasn’t me, who did the trick, but my day was not bad either. I was able to observe myself and, slightly applying willpower, keep the focus on what I am actually doing.
If you enjoyed playing the “Heroes of Might and Magic - V” game a while ago, you know that the expanded version introduced absolutely gorgeous Orc Chieftain, a creature with a unique ability to hasten the turn of a friendly unit while dealing damage on that. So today, when I was trying to escape and get lost for my work in the jungles of my i-phone, a punching orc’s fist appears before my eyes and… makes me smile :)