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2019-11-21 22:47:43 (UTC)

Date no-showed

I texted the date I was supposed to be going out with last night. When I didn't hear from her earlier that afternoon, I figured she wasn't gonna show. I suspected a fake profile so who knows who was really on the other end. Could've been an 80 yr old man with a stolen pic. Yipes!!! Told my friends at work about it earlier today. I told them it was a fishy date. I sensed something wrong and jokingly hope that I still have both kidneys and livers after my date should she show up.

I went with plan B instead and hit the gym. I went this AM to the gym thinking I had a date but when the time came, it didn't happen so I hit the gym again today. It was fun and I weighed at 163lbs at the sculpting office the other day so I need to reel that crap in to my normal range of 155-160.
I'm sure I also got my dose of dopamine plus a little more today. I'm not getting so upset at a lot of things anymore or at least my pitbull mentality has been weaned a little bit. That I like. Life is too short. Today, this Engineer that I don't like much took credit for my report during a meeting. He got my report and shared it with our customer as if he did all the legwork but it was I that compiled that crap. But then, I recall that I still get paid doing what I do so I just said "pffft" and moved on. Besides, you stick your neck out bragging about something, then they'll give you another project which is more than fine with me. I don't need any more projects on my plate. So that means I have more free time and especially more free times on weekends.

My Superstar friend texted me. She said she'll be home for Christmas. Not sure if that's when she is coming home or for just a short vacation.
It'll be nice to see her again. Remember, surround yourself with good people and you will be good too.

Too tired for now. gonna say goodnight for tonight.

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