Christopher Mel

The Mirror
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2019-11-22 00:32:16 (UTC)

Tis the season

You've noticed it. The increased traffic. The influx in customers. The increase in overall aggression. "The holidays is coming up and I want everything to be PERFECT to show what a marvelous person I am. I want to have everything set for my family, all the while being a complete dick to everyone else's family members. Also Happy Holidays! It starts right before Thanksgiving and continues the wave of bullshit until the New Year, where people will make resolutions and fail them, falling back into their same shit. Rude customers. People fighting and screaming at each other for parking spaces. Good ol' human nature kicking in and showing the best side of itself during the holidays. Entitlement abundant. Funny, considering this is suppose to be a time where people are joyous and 'thankful' but instead it's become a consumerist event driven by companies and perpetuated by people going through the motions and being the generally entitled, miserable american cunts they always turn out to be around the same times every year. But hey! It was worth the arguing and the yelling and the attitude and the rudeness because in the end you got what YOU want. After all, life is all about YOU. And as long as YOU get what YOU want feel free to trodden over everyone else because the world was made to cater and revolve and YOU. That is, until someone else with the same exact mindset(which tends to be many) troddens over you in the same fashion then suddenly you become the self-righteous victim. I love that part. Nobody likes it when a piece of them is reflected back at themselves. "Gee it's kind of annoying being on the receiving end of it" Yeah, no shit. Are ya that mentally dense it took all that just to realize that? And for all that "I don't give a shit about people" tryhard edgy shit there's over a billion other people thinking the same thing so we're not special in that regard. Contributing to the waste isn't new or thought-provoking or edgy. Wait in line like everyone else. Learn to swallow shit when you have to, and shut the fuck up.

Actually, if I sound a little more annoyed than usual, it's because I just came from the gym. Females doing their usual 'make everything about them and make it seem uncomfortable for everyone in the room' type of thing again. It's either that or more moodiness and bullshit from work. I know, like I said previously, it's just them being THEM. Helpless to their genetic programming. Doesn't make it any less obnoxious. I try to go to the gym at times where I don't have to be around these obnoxious self-centered females but the energy is always RUINED the minute they show up with their victim complex "I don't want anyone looking at me" "me me me" bullshit. I don't want to look at you either. We were all fine until you came up in here being the fucking perpetual victim. That's a you problem, so I'm not leaving. And I was here first, so fuck off. Then of course, when you're the only minority that comes in they do the 'lemme move my personal items over here. I totally forgot until you showed up' routine. Lol, yeah "here we go again" is right. Just like a simplistic animal in nature, they react to visual stimuli rather than initiating an original thought or action on their own effort, as if lacking the mental capacity to do so. So if my black ass hadn't shown up were you going to just continue sitting there daydreaming? Not a single original thought roaming in that cranium of yours, huh? Thumbs up your ass, drooling, waiting for the next visual stimuli to trigger a thought in that cautious brain of yours? Do you act like normal, functioning, social human beings only when we're not around? Leaving the socially inept, 'frightened animal in the headlights' routine only for us? I know living easy, sheltered, entitled lives devoid of diversity makes you 'freeze up' when seeing someone different from you, since you're apparently instinctively and dare I say genetically predisposed to being frightened of us, but is it my fault your brain can't process that difference fast enough? I'm not going to fake smile and feign pleasantries to make you more comfortable. That's your problem if you're afraid I don't have to lift a finger for you. Not my fault people are slaves to their primitive and frightened nature and got some problem out of pure reflex. What the fuck am I supposed to do about that? It's not even that aspect that bothers me though. It's just that...feels like life is a simulation, and certain people are just 'scripted' to act a certain way all the time. I hate being able to accurately anticipate someone's moves and actions. It seems the people who were able to 'break their own script' so to speak are far and in between. Although you'll find them in history books as the ones who dared to change the status quo and rise against whatever what oppressing them. Maybe they got bored of seeing the same shit all the time, too. I don't know, just rambling and ranting at this point. Every day exactly the same. It must makes life seem so......seem so boring, and predictable.......and meaningless. But mostly boring. Maybe I'm bored because I can't interact with anyone who seems positive about anything. It's either dealing with a 'frightened animal' or some rude obnoxious bitch who can't see past herself. I miss my family. When you're far away you learn that nothing and no one else comes close. Maybe I should go out and so something instead of bitchin' on here. I'm outta here. Also hungry, because my stupid body tells me I am.(See? We're not truly free. Limitations, instructions and requirements placed on EVERYTHING. Perhaps DEATH is the only way to escape all of this?)