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2019-11-21 18:26:48 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
I know life is hard and sometimes unfair. Like I know there are hundreds of people who wish they were me. In fact, if you ask me...I love my life (minus being fat and single). I am lucky to have an amazing mom and dad and 1.5 sisters. I know a lot of families are not like mine. I guess that is why it is hard on me to see my male best friend (my father) dying. In reality, it will feel weird when he leaves because there will be a missing piece in my life. I'll still have my mother and 1.5 sisters. But I also know that my sports fan, my movie bud, my TV show fan, and 1/2 of my role model will be missing. My mom and I are close in different ways. I help her in the morning and at night with table setting, food prep, laundry, food shopping, work. So a lot of differences, but I love my parents equally. Anyway...time to go to bed...I miss my girl :(