London Life
2019-11-21 23:00:36 (UTC)

Legs, cleavage, the Poetry Society and Holborn Viaduct

I managed to forget my work pass today. I've got a “5 things I need to remember to take to work” list in my head – purse, keys, work glasses, pass and phone. But then sometimes I forget to run through the list! The man at the desk didn't ask for any ID. Elina thinks they recognise us anyway.

After I was a bit wary about wearing my little tartan skirt to work yesterday, the blonde girl in big glasses came in today looking salivatingly sexy in a very short shiny skirt, open high heels and no tights. It’s fantastic she’s prepared to wear that to work, but Elina said someone had complained about her wearing revealing clothes another time, as it was “unprofessional”. Elina told me to stop staring open-mouthed at the girl, though actually I was being discreet in my gaze.

Elina was also wearing faux-leather; I managed to save her a seat next to me in the office, but she went to the theatre in the afternoon, so we only had each other for half a day. She showed me where she’d spilled food on her shirt, probably knowing I’d use the excuse to admire her cleavage, which was proudly on show as usual. We went to Pret for lunch then sat in the lounge together. I was going to walk to the theatre with her, but didn’t have time. I got her to witness my lease deed.

After work I walked with Jack along the river - the colourful winter lights on the South Bank looking really pretty, to a veggie cafe at Lincoln's Inn Fields, connected to the LSE. They'd stopped doing the main meals at 4, but we had vegan pasties and shared a "sausage" roll.

We had a coffee in Holborn at the Poetry Society, which judging by the clientele (apart from me) could be re-named the society for ladies with short haircuts. They've got a sweet little premises, tucked away in a back street. Then walked to Holborn Library for a talk, passing a mixture of intricate Victoria architecture and ugly 60s blocks, perhaps because of war damage.

The talk was about the beautiful Holborn Viaduct, which is 150 years old. Actually the talk was a wide - ranging hotch-potch of people and little stories from near the viaduct over the years, which were interesting in themselves but didn't stick in the head because of the lack of an overall narrative.

Got the bus to King's Cross and admired the lights and decorations at Granary Square, which weren't all there last night. I threw together some rolls for our lunches tomorrow, using late-night bargains we'd got from two Co-Ops.