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2019-11-20 20:47:42 (UTC)

Watching someone else's kiddos

My friend Jenny is at a convention in San Fran. So, I'm here watching her kiddos. They're self sufficient pretty much so there isn't much for me to do. I'm just here for them to feel secure and to drop off to school in the morning. I'm pretty honored really. I mean she trusts me enough to watch her kiddos.

I'm kicking back in her bed. My God! It's huge and it's so dang high. I need a pole vault to get into her bed. Just so you folks know, she is only something like 5'2" with heels and maybe weighing 110 lbs after a luau? So for her to need a bed this big, I'm just smh laughing. She still doing her convention thing and I texted her that I needed a pole vault to get into her bed.

I left 6 full packs of M&M peanuts on the kitchen table for the kiddos. haha. Mama bear may or my not like that but I'm in charge at the moment so haha. Too bad :)

Some crappy news. I did my 30 day cool sculpting check and I actually gained freaking weight. My before and after is worse!!! Supposedly, in 60 days, that will show the full effect of this cool sculpting. If I don't see improvements, I'm not doing the other 3 session they suggested. Screw that!!!

I feel better now that I did this morning. Recovered from that ugly nightmare and the gym filled me with enough dopamine to calm me down. Work was getting stressful because my silly supervisor is an arse but I notice something new about me. I really don't see it as being so stressful anymore unlike before I had surgery. Something in me has changed for sure and I like this new me. Hopefully I can keep this going and improve even more as a person. One thing though. No flowers to look at here and none to smell. No keurig near this bed and no coffee warmer too :( Makes me realize I'm a spoiled dumbass whith the silly things I have in my bedroom. I hope I never change that part of me :)

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