London Life
2019-11-20 16:22:39 (UTC)

The Election, Bloomsbury Baptist Church, the tartan mini-skirt

The election debate last night
started out a bit flat, and Labour missed a lot of chances to call out the Prime Minister’s blatant lies, but maybe the idea is that people are sick of politicians slagging each other off. Johnson wasn’t interested in different policy areas, he just wanted to get in his two slogans. No-one talked about housing, which is such an issue for young people in London. And they barely mentioned the climate. A snap poll on who “won” came out almost level, but a poll in The Independent today gave Labour a big advantage among undecided voters. Anyway, as it only needs ears to pay attention to, I had a rare chance to do some proper tidying up while it was on.

I was being micro-managed again today, my boss wrote to me with an evaluation to do, and asked whether I’d sent an email yesterday. I’d said I was going to do it yesterday afternoon, he only had to check the outbox. We had a nice cuddle in bed this morning and met at lunchtime at Bloomsbury Baptist church, where we were expecting to hear a talk about the streets of the borough. We met some other women there, who’d also seen it plugged by the History Society. However, it wasn’t on and we just went for a coffee in New Oxford Street.

I ran there and back, and to make things easier I wore my tartan skirt to work today. I thought of wearing it tonight, but it’s not right. Actually, it’s not really right for work either, it may have met with the disapproval of some senior staff. I love wearing it anyway. It often feels as if you may be showing your knickers, but in fact it always hangs down, even when you bend over, but as it’s flared I can’t feel that it's there. I once tested it on Jack, but he cheated by using a hair dryer blowing up my bum.

We had a huge turn out tonight, and about 30 of us went to the factory. It was great camaraderie scooping up the leaves. I'd chatted to one or two random girls beforehand but there were several new people. Bhakti said she appreciated I made an effort to talk to her, when she first came two weeks ago. Loads of people came to the pub: the Meredith/Hayley and Kat/ Liz gang had already taken the table. They are always great when talking to me individually but I've never felt part of their gang, probably as I always concentrate on talking to new starters. I chatted up an attractive apparent newbie, but embarrassingly l had no memory of having talked to her at a recent social, which she remembered.

Spoke to Steve L a bit (our teams may meet in the FA Youth Cup) , P got me a drink but I got stuck with a rather boring bloke from Leeds. I did speak to Meredith a bit, about her long-standing but occasional attendance, which at least proved we're some kind of friend. Eventually there were ten other people, all talking in pairs, so I thought it was a good time to run home.
Had a quick cuddle at home, but I was competing with the cricket - England are playing New Zealand away.

Elina said some sweet things to me anyway. Apparently I've missed some of her Skype messages. Hope we can be together tomorrow.