Do Not Disturb

2019-11-20 08:10:50 (UTC)

Here's The Tea

So, my dog ran out and I saw him and I tried to go out to let him back inside the gate but as always my mom keeps saying And then she wants to bring my dad into this like what does he have to do with anything he doesn't have his collar on and he's roaming around in the middle of the night and I'm afraid that he's gonna get hit by a car and/or someone gonna pick him up and take him to the pound themselves.

My mom doesn't get it she always says she doesn't give a shit about those dogs. I don't know what she has it with dogs so much.

And she also brought up how I need to go to sleep and get off my phone because I'm getting my hair done ( finally ) tomorrow morning bright and early. I meam I'm 21. It's 3:18 A.M. right now and I'm not even close to being sleepy because I keep thinking about my dog and how he doesn't have a leash on and how freezing it is outside. It's 43 degrees outside. Do she think I would always be worried about my dog escaping ? And this isn't the first time he's done this. He's done this plenty of times. So, why am I worried ???

I'm always gonna be worried he's MY dog. My Grandma asked me for another 20 dollars this morning when I already gave her 40 God knows what she did with that money. She " says " that she will give it back to me tomorrow but we'll... we will see. I was trying to lie and say I don't have my wallet but she was trying to turn the car around and everything so, I just said I have my money in my bookbag. I really wanted to say no I really do.

And then, when I kept asking to get my dog my mother gonna pray to God saying to help her child ( that's me ) like what's that suppose to mean. Is it in a bad way or a good way ? I feel like it's in a bad way.
Idk. I'm gonna cry myself to sleep like I normally do. Because I'm a crybaby even though crying is normal so...Why do I get judged for it ???

Oh and did I tell you that the guy I like he's married and I believe has kids but he doesn't know that I like him anyways so that's a good thing. But I kind of wanna tell him to but I'm not going to because he's married and I'm not going to do that. We argue to much.

Mood : Feeling everything

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