deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2019-11-19 18:10:06 (UTC)

my recount of Sunday

Hi Master,

I’m posting the account from Sunday as You instructed of me.

i must first express how deeply aroused i was from our conversation Sunday morning. And the fact that i was not in any position to take any action while sitting and speaking with you only seemed to exacerbate my feelings. At some point it drove me to the point that i found it necessary to make the suggestion that i did, and i thank You for not only letting me do so, but for giving me instructions on what You wanted me to do, or not to do.

When i left palace he was relaxing on the sofa watching some preview for football. i went over and sat at his feet (his legs were extended across the sofa) and began caressing his legs. It prompted a smile from him as eyes met, and at that point i leaned and layed over his extended leg and began massaging his crotch through the sweatpants he had on.

He began rubbing my upper back as i got comfy adjacent to his legs, rubbing and massaging him, and moments later tugged down the loose waistband and took him in my mouth. He grew somewhat hard pretty quickly as i sucked the head and swirled my tongue around, his hand now on the back of my neck and head in a coaxing manner.

At some moment i recall him mumbling, “what got into you!?”. i let him slip from my mouth and lips long enough to mutter, “You”. i quickly took him back in my mouth. He lifted his pelvis high enough to slide the sweats down to his thighs.
i was bobbing, my hand cupping his balls and base of his cock. my mouth bobbing, my tongue pressing on it and tasting sweet precum beginning to leak out.

He pulled me up atop his lap, sliding his hands down inside my own sweats and cupping my ass, kissing me. He pushed my sweats down and tried to get me to mount him. That was not allowed, but a let my wet cunt lips slide along the front of his hard cock a few times.
It had become very cumbersome with my sweats around my thighs so i got up quickly, stood beside the sofa to remove them. He leaned to me and licked me a few times until i pushed him back, looked at him and mumbled, “this is Your morning… sit back and relax”. He simply smiled and put his arms out to his sides atop the back of the sofa.

i knelt and took him back in my mouth. Bobbing. Sucking. Cupping his balls and gripping the base of his hard cock. He put both his hands on my shoulders and rocked. One would occasionally slide to my hair/head and guide. He would moan – i would moan. He would thrust a little – i would relax my muscles as much as possible to accommodate.

i twisted a little when it was on the verge of my throat. i sucked hard when rising, then slid back down.
He ran his fingers through my hair, gripping me firmly. Moaning. Muttering my name and a vulgarity or two.

Gobs of cum filled my mouth… lips firm so as not to leak. Holding firm, sucking and flicking until the spurts ended. i sucked my way to the tip, capturing it all. i looked quickly at him as i swallowed and looked down and away. He reached out, cupped my face and drew me up, and kissed me – on the lips but cautiously <smiles>.

We snuggled and he asked again…..”what got into you!?”. “YOU”, i simply repeated.

“I feel a little guilty”, he smiled and mumbled.

“Don’t”, i smiled. Then added, “But You can make it up to me tonight”.

Off to prepare dinner.....