London Life
2019-11-19 17:20:05 (UTC)

Running, work and films

Tues 19/11/2019

Because I had to carry my laptop, I couldn’t run to work, so I ran up the canal to the broadwalk and back to the Co-Op. My arms got cold, and the grass was frosty. It was quite difficult, and because I raced on Saturday, I later looked up how much rest you’re supposed to have after a half marathon. One site said you should taper up your running after a race for three weeks, in the same way you taper down before a big race. I always just carry on running in the following week. I’ve read before that you need some rest to repair the slight damage each run does to you, though I don’t seem to get injuries. According to Strava I’ve done seven half-marathons this year (I was told Emma had done eight, and I thought I’d done about as many).

Got a bit lonely at work, down on the boring 6th floor (there was no room on the 7th). I did get a great view of Julie’s legs – she was sitting down and her dress had ridden up to show the full length of her thighs (her legs weren’t under the desk), Luckily for me, I had to walk past her twice when getting my jacket. On the 6th floor even Barbara – who used to look so dowdy – was wearing a short dress, which helps me feel OK to keep wearing mini-skirts myself.

At lunchtime I got my train tickets for the Swindon run in December, finally using Virgin after two websites said I was already registered, but I didn’t know the password. This despite the fact I was trying to use the sites as a “guest”. I also bought a little “Daughter Christmas” dress for the fancy dress party.

The forever-broken lift, which had a sign saying that a "part" was arriving on 6th November, has finally changed to a generic "out of order" sign.

I was disappointed that Elina has been quiet since Sunday, and I was worried she might be getting bored with me. So I asked when she was getting her pass picture taken and she saidy, we should go and get them done together, which was sweet. She said my Skype is set on ‘Do Not Disturb’ and she didn’t know whether I’d been getting her messages. Evidently I hadn't. The film we were thinking of going to see, Red Devil, doesn’t seem to be on anywhere this week, so we thought of going to see a film from the USA called “Le Mans 66” but decided it was too long at 152 minutes. So we got a vegan pie and went home to watch the election debate.