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2019-11-19 09:03:45 (UTC)

Nov 18 2019 Monday

Hi people!
The day was productive. Worked on my presentation… To retain information in working memory do not forget to repeat that at least in 40 minutes. Well, repetition is the mother of all learning or “repetitio est mater studiorum”. Hehe! I am pretending I know Latin! And I knew many many other subjects. But I forgot and keep forgetting every day what I know. So sad…
The short pathway finally was cleaned out of cut branches. Good sign! But broken bricks and gopher’s holes are still on the way. Although, there is a perfect road around the corner, the short yet dangerous way seems closer to the goal. Did that work in every life situation? What about a “get rich quick scheme”?
There is lots of shattered glass on the road. This is a part of my world these days. I could clean the road up. But I am not responsible for road cleaning. However, I am responsible for my own purification. Too many shattered things inside of me, so glass pieces are just kind of reflection. Well, I got to say, the sunset was beautiful today in spite of everything.