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2019-11-18 23:14:32 (UTC)

Dopamine filled

Nothing dramatic happened today. I worked then had PT. Didn't make my normal 4:30 PM class but I did sign up and made the 6:30PM class. It was fun. That class doesn't have any superstars in it so i ran circles around them. I know it's a group thing but it's still cool to be the fastest most endurance type person in the class. Especially since I'm the oldest there and there were a lot of younger peeps but not in shape at all.

Main thing about it was that I got my dopamine fill. Got there early to jump rope and stayed a little later for more jump roping after class. SsGot home and my weight is still above my cap. Dang it to hell. That Friendsgiving was a bit too much I guess. But I now feel very good and relaxed. Nothing is hurting which is good. I have to admit, I was starting to feel a little stress and I'm sure it's because I didn't work out since last Friday. Weekends are usually play days but I'm pushing it when I don't work out for a 3 days. I don't think shopping on Sat and pigging out on Sunday even remotely counts as a workout.

Got home. Did a small load of laundry. Didn't eat much but I am having some red wine right now. Set up the theater seats for tomorrow's movie night. Susan, Heidi, and her dude will be going. We're watching Ford Vs Ferrari. Didn't have time to buy flowers for my room yet.

Almost forgot. I'm on Coffee and Bagels online dating site and I believe I have a date with someone. Kinda fishy so I hope she don't steall my kidneys or whatever body part they are wanting nowadays. She's cute but I think it's a fake profile. We chatted a bit or I guess texted and her English writing skills are pretty good. I can tell she's educated and she is pretty. That's why I think it's a fake profile because she has finally agreed to go out with me this Thursday night for dinner. I didn't even think she lives in this City so I was pretty surprised when she agreed to meet me.

You know, I was thinking of posting pics of my ex's like my ex wife, my ex gf, and that last one that was sorta my girlfriend but then I didn't see the point. No sense splattering them online for the world to see. Not like posting it here would've been harmful and I thought my peeps reading my diary would be curious to see how they actually looked like but meh.... I will post a pic of my date this Thursday though only because I think it's not a real profile and the pic was probably stolen. So here is my supposed date this Thursday. She's Chinese by the way and like I tell my friend.. 1% is better odds than 0%. So I'm practicing what I've been preaching.