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2019-11-18 20:46:38 (UTC)


I don’t know. I just want to rant right now

1)I hate Mrs. Wells. Not her class, just her. She constantly yells at us and doesn’t listen to a word a student has to say before she just snaps. Like I’m at BREAKING POINT with her. Everyone says they’ve tried to report her, but clearly they haven’t! I’m so fed up with her crap.

2) I swear the world is after me. This past week has been just awful. I’ve been so out-of-touch with life it isn’t even funny. Like if one more bad thing happens I'm just going to SNAP.

3)My god, Ms. August. I thought I would love that class, since English is my favourite subject. No,no,no. I was soooo wrong. Her voice makes me want to jump off a bridge. She is just a flat out prick. Like we can't do anything in that class. She asked us to turn our laptops around, and I went to finish the LAST QUESTION on an assignment for HER CLASS and shes like "Hi, I'm Ms. August, and when I say something I mean it". Like excuse me for trying to finish YOUR ASSIGNMENT. And then, she yells at me for not being done?! She is trying my last nerves.

4) My moms boyfriend. Cody. OKAY, so he isn't a bad guy, but like, shes OUR MOM and he gets more time with her than we do. Like, you have 3 daughters and you decide to go out with your BOYFRIEND instead?! UGH!

5) Psych Ward. My school wants to send me to one. Not going. If I have to go, I'm not talking. Not a word. I'll act like I lost my voice.

6) My "best friend". Turned out she was a liar. Complete. I'm just done with people like her.
Okay, calm down time. Now good things. Lets think.. positive.. hmmm
1) I have a beautiful, amazing girlfriend who loves me
2) I have great friends that I love to death

Welp that ended quickly.