London Life
2019-11-18 14:14:12 (UTC)

Imaginary strip-show, a West End walk, Govindas.

Mon 18/11/2019
Woke up just before 7. I started thinking through how I would have executed my strip-show, if I’d had the courage to take up that invitation to come up on stage and strip nude at Torture Garden, bearing in mind I was already wearing sex-clothes. This flight of imagination got me in a sexy mood for when I woke Jack at half past. It was good to have his body wrapped round me, it feels as if it’s been ages.

John Curtice was on Radio 4, saying that the Conservative lead has slightly increased in the first week of the election campaign. However, there’s a televised debate on ITV tomorrow, and people apparently don’t really follow the election in the early part, also the polls don’t always predict the result anyway. However, it’s upsetting that the Tory lead only really took hold after Johnson got in.

I've still got the problem of my lost keys, which must be in the house, but as I can’t lock my drawer at work, I’ll have to bring my laptop home and take it into work tomorrow, so I can’t run into work. Also, I couldn’t find my computer glasses, so I was squinting at my laptop at work. It wouldn’t even recognise my face, I had to use the PIN.

I was a bit delayed on my way to the bus, by gazing at a pair of lovely thighs-in-boots, until she veered off through the park. Thighs look so great in winter, tiny skirts emerging from thick jackets, better on others than on me.

Looking at Strava, it seems there was actually a walk last Friday, with Abi, Dom, Emily, Paul and Lucy. I had publicly stated I wasn’t arriving in Sheffield until 12:45, so might not have been in time, but it’s surprising I didn’t know about it, not that I want to spend any time with Paul. When I was in Sheffield I got an update that Sami was there too; seems her girlfriend was in a tai-kwando contest. I met Jack for lunch, it felt a bit like when I g out with Elina in that we looked in three different cafes, I got a toastie from Crussh which was disappointing.

My glasses turned up in the afternoon, I’d left them down in Legal on Thursday. I had a lot of stuff to catch up on, but luckily my manager was off and I was able to get on with the Top 100 (late again) and another magazine article, which was due.

After work, I walked into central London with Jack, looking at the light shows in Regent Street and Carnaby Street. There were some shaped like fish, others splashes of blue to indicate sky. We also went into Liberty's, thinking about using the cafe, but it was too expensive. The fittings there are lovely, but the expensive fashion they sell is dull to me. It was good to chat with Jack, though he was getting over-enthusiastic very lively, he was tiring out my brain.

Instead we went to Gavindas at Soho Square, a Krishna place we haven't visited for a while, rather expensive at nearly £7 for a small lentil soup, rice, a small bit of curry and a popodom. Then on to a nice old cafe we used to visit when I worked in Tottenham Court Road.

Got the bus and some shopping, I was going to make some spicy rice, but as Jack's going to lunch with his friend tomorrow, I just threw together some tofu, rice, puree and curry paste for myself. I also ate a huge amount of salad in a sandwich, which was about to go off.