Experienced Life
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2019-11-17 11:50:11 (UTC)

The little issues in life

You know when you are doing ok? It's when the little insignificant things start to worry you a little. Usually, when life is full of doom and gloom, you focus on the major things going on. Sometimes, you look back and even wonder how the heck did you even remotely cared about something so small that happened in the past.

Well, today I had a malfunction with my smoker. It shut off unexpectedly when I was smoking my ham and it's causing a delay of an hr. I'm going to try to crank up the temp but this isn't the way it should be done. I'm going to be late to our potluck. I was a little worried and stressed. Then, it hit me and I had to smile. Maybe just maybe... life has calmed down a little bit at least for today that something so silly and minor is bugging me today. So in the midst of this little issue, I have to smile and smell the roses. In this case, the ham that is smoking.

Maybe for a little while at least, my life can be an average day without having to think deep thoughts at least for a few hrs. I like it and I relish in it. Very calming effect. Or maybe it's the new Hugo Boss Intense cologne I bought last night that I'm sampling this morning. It does smell good.
I also tried on Carolina Herrera Prive and that too smells good.

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