London Life
2019-11-17 17:20:24 (UTC)


Sun 17/11/2019
Didn't see Rachel when I got in, and I didn't feel like talking to her this morning as I had a fuzzy head. So I quickly packed and left, after enjoying walking around naked past the large bedroom window, - if anyone saw in, I would feel justified to be nude in a bedroom. Got a coffee at the station, but then just missed the X5 bus at 08:32. This left me getting a train to Rotherham, then a very nice countryside bus ride, but it was gone 10 when I arrived at the country park. I may have got off a stop early, but anyway I had to walk quite a way down to the park entrance, then the 25 minute walk through the park.

I thought they may think I was strange arriving so late - I was expecting people to possibly be going home after the race, but no-one seemed aurprised. I stood with George, rather than near Paul. I saw Lucy and Steve finishing the 10km together, and a happy Frances coming in later. Liz had decided not to run it, as soon as she opened her curtains this morning. It had rained relentlessly. I went back with Dom, Abi, Emily, George and Emma, we walked halfway through the park.

We went for a meal in the Showtime Theatre cafe, I had a vegan breakfast. Most people had vegan food, including Abi and as Paul, and even Steve who had made jokes about vegan. It was nice listening to Emily, Abi, and Kat and Liz when they arrived. Dom was quite quiet. He now seems to be "with" Abi, they have been holding hands. Paul, Lucy, Steve and Frances arrived, and when I went to the Ladies, some people had left and Paul had joined our conversation, so I left, which must have surprised some people who knew I was travelling at 17:45.

I walked back to last night's pub, and the coffee shop I'd been in, but neither had the sleeveless jacket I lost somewhere last night. The pub had a huge selection of lost property behind a door.

Again I got confused walking back into Sheffield, and then couldn't find where I was going when I got to the centre, I've often got a bit lost in Sheffield, maybe the streets aren't distinctive enough. Went to Cafe Nero for an hour. When waiting for the Ladies I had a chance for a prolonged look at one girl's shapely thighs, she was wearing a very short shiny red/brown skirt, showing much more leg than me today. I'd already enjoyed watching three micro-mini clad girls in the streets, and a performer for Heart Radio in the square, who looked great in a low-cut red micro- mini dress.

Made sure I didn't get lost going to the bus station. The coach was supposed to take nearly four hours, but they ran an extra service going direct to London. I managed to sit next to a girl. It was dark so rather than tackle my backlog of Guardian newspapers, I spent most of the journey watching sexy videos, and looking at photos of Cassie Laine. I was really looking forward to getting home and seeing Jack. I've had wet feet pretty much for three days, the rain has been so relentless it's just seeped through my boots.
It was dry in London though, but the coach didn't stop at Golders Green.
I was a good girl and went to bed at a good time.