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2019-11-17 17:18:34 (UTC)

You Can Cry If You Want

Crying is a wonderful release. If you hold back crying, it can lead to angry explosions. Crying in public is a little embarrasing... still better than going on an angry rant. Does it have to be either-or, though? For me, yes. I can only keep my emotions in for so long. Crying at work... embarassing... But, we all have bad days. ::Shrug:: Of course, if I can wait to get home to cry, that would be best, but I wouldn't test it too much. If I keep my feelings in too much, it turns into anger and I eventually explode in an angry rant. Of course, sometimes I'm just angry... hitting or kicking a cardboard box (that needs to get broken down, anyways) can help. And, of course, ranting through writing gets it out in a way that harms no one... except your own hand, if you write a lot! Lol.

Since there is the phrase of people being "salty" and tears are salty... Then, when you cry you release saltiness. Maybe crying helps prevent you from being "salty" to other people. My husband used to tell me it also keeps you young. ☺☺☺

I think that laughing does too. My grandma told me that laugh lines are the good kind of wrinkles.