Experienced Life
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2019-11-17 03:14:30 (UTC)

Slight detour yesterday

I went shopping yesterday. I'm sure that gave me a little boost of dopamine. haha. Almost everything went as planned. Didn't find a sports jacket. Found a pair of shoes I liked from UA. Checked out the perfume outlet and got 3 of the ones that I already had on my radar. Carolina Herrera Prive, Hugo Boss Intense, and the one that looks like a gold bar (One Million I think?). One black shirt from CK.

Headed home and had a feeling I needed to call my friend Jenny that lived along the way home. Speaking to her, I asked if she was ok. She said yes, she's fine but I could tell she wasn't so I said if she wanted some company and she did. So she is still hurting from our friend that passed away. It was not from natural causes and she still is freaked out about it because she was one of the last people that spoke to before she died. I of course had no answers but just was there to listen and let her mourn. She reached out to hold my hand and I did.

She talked about her or actually our friend that died. I tried to explain to her how that lady that died was in pain and maybe we can find some comfort that she can now at least rest in peace and that she won't have that burden anymore to deal with. You see, I know a little about what happened to that lady that died. We sort of walked the same path in life. By that, I mean we have or had very similar problems. I just got lucky and am still alive right now. Not because I'm a better person but because I was just lucky. I know this don't make any sense but that's all I can say about this for now.

Anyway, my friend was drunk. She later brought her face close to mine and pulled my head in to kiss her. So yeah, we kissed for a bit. Then she asked me "Why does she want to fuck me right now?". And..... so I had to stop and we ended up walking outsitde and got her to smoke a cigarette instead. Got back into her house and had her turn on the tv and kick back on the sofa. I stayed there until she passed out. Put a blanket on her, made sure she had something non-alcoholic to drink and left it on the table next to her and left. Believe me, I'm always wanting to have sex and she is a cutie but I just couldn't.

Left her place and went to the store to buy my ham for tomorrow. Actually, it's really freaking lated so it's actually for today. Saw a homeless dude outside the store (which is common) so I tossed him one of my bag of chips that I bought. Not much and I'm not going to save the world with this but he did have a bag that I was planning on eating. I like my salt and vinegar potato chips. Oh well, not like I need the fat from those chips anyway so I may have been doing my body a favor.

Before my friend passed out, she asked if I wanted to go shopping with her on Sunday. Now if she and I ever went shopping together, it'd be like the perfect storm for the malls. Holy crap!! We both are really stupid when it comes to shopping so both of us together at the mall? Game over man! I told her I couldn't because of tomorrow's pre-thanksgiving get together. She said she wasn't invited. I told her that I am and I have a 1 already and I don't have anyone to bring. I just didn't want to look lame going alone and I wanted to at least make it seem like I'm brining someone by rsvping a 1. So she now is my 1 for tomorrow.

Smoking that ham takes about 4 hrs. I don't look forward to getting up shortly to start that sob ham. Funny thing is the ham is already cooked and it's still gonna take forever to smoke it. But when it comes out, it'll be awesome!!! It'll fill up the room with the smoke ham smell. I still have a few hrs to sleep till I have to get up so I'm going nighty-night for now.

Friends I tell you. SMH. gotta laugh :) The things I do for them but I love them to death.