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2019-11-17 06:59:24 (UTC)

You Thought Wrong

So one of the co-workers today said that I was being rude at work today and tried to fight me because I was being rude to her but only because she was being rude to me first even though I don't remeber what she exactly she said to me that was rude but it was. And then after that she kept bumping into me and shit and that got me really mad and I tried not to cry I really did but my anger is like at its limits and I don't try and fight people because I'm not the fighting type of person. And then she still gonna talk about it with our manager Ms. Terrie saying how I was talking back ro her with an order that I
was trying to make sure that was right when I wasn't. I messed up one order tonight and they at me acting like they never messed up an order before.

I told my mother what happened that didn't help at all but everyone at work thinks I'm a snitch because I tell my mother what happen at work and how she ends up calling my boss because of it when I didn't know she called my boss if, she did. I don't know I'm clueless right now.

And I guess she doesn't like me telling her what happens at work because, that's exactly what she said well not like more like not telling her every day of what happen at work and how I should stick up for myself at work when I do and say something back which I do and it still doesn't work. Nothing ever works. I wanna cry but I can't because to everyone even my own mother " I let everything get to me" and their right I do but I don't know how NOT to and I HATE that I don't know how to. I do say I don't care and don't give a fuck but as always no one believes me like I don't believe them. I'm sick od this shit. Sick of everything.

I would talk to my boss about it but she won't do nothing about it. She didn't
do anything about it when I told her about Mike and how he's always saying rude shit and called me fat that one time at work in front of everybody but it's
okay. But I'm the rude one here. 🙄🙄🙄.

I'll just ignore them anyways like I should've been doing from the beginning.
And honestly, I wish I never met most of them. At least mostly all of them.

Anyways, I'm gonna cry myself to sleep tonight like I always do. Because I'm an emotional human being that let's everything get to her. But will stop eventually. Hopefully.

Mood : Emotional

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