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2019-11-16 14:12:06 (UTC)

Today's plan

I'm having some of my tea that I got from Canada. Not sure which of my friends are into tea anyway so I wanted to treat myself to some of this. It's pretty good. Never tried maple tea before and I like the smooth aftertaste. Loony-roomy and I were both prepping meals today. I had bacon, eggs, and a croissant. She was heating up spaghetti that her health care provider prepped for her. I almost felt bad for her. Almost.

We have another get together tomorrow at a friends house and she calls it Friendsgiving. It's a potluck and I think maybe a dozen peeps plus guests will be there. I of course get to help with the main entree. That's my thing. I will smoke a ham so I need to get that today along with the ingredients needed. Someone is bringing the wine but I doubt there will be enough so I'm briinging that big ass bottle I bought last week. I just won't say anything so they won't expect it.

Also, I think I need to finally put down my workout shoes. It's still ok but I think it's on it's last few miles. It's ever so slightly starting to hurt during a workout. Might be good for just regular walking but I don't think it can take anymore punishment with the weights, running, jumping, and lateral movement our crossfit class makes us do. So I need to go to the Under Armor outlet store and hopefully they still have them. It's at another city nearby and it's called the Folsom outlet mall.

I also need to get another leather jacket. Mine are pretty old and ragged. Might look James Dean cool maybe but I think I got my money's worth with them. Perhaps a sports jacket too. You know, just some impulse shopping.

So.. go shopping for shoes and whatever catches my eyes, then to the market for a ham. Flowers in my room are dead dead dead. Need to a new fresh bunch. I should be able to swing some cardio at my 2nd gym too. Should be a nice drama free day :)

Been reading about Cortisol. The chemical you get dosed with when you breakup or some crappy life experience. At first, I'm thinking why the hell have that then?! But yeah, I'm stupid so there is of course a purpose for this to be in your body. Pretty interesting. I'll read up a bit more on it then I'll hack it I'm sure with my understanding of how that chemical works and why we need it.

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