London Life
2019-11-16 15:18:10 (UTC)


Sat 16/11/2019
Wasted two hours trying to sleep with my good ear away from the pillow, then gave up and drank some water, hoping that would get me up, by wanting the toilet before 6. Indeed, I woke at 05:40, grabbed some muesli and made a tomato sandwich, then found I couldn't get out of Rachel's front door with the key she left me, so I had to go out the back way and leave it unlocked.

Had time to walk to the bus station, got a bus to the country park, but had to walk 25 minutes through the park to find the start. The timing was perfect though, I went to leave my baggage and I was just asking the route to the start when Abi, Emily, Katrina, Dom and a girl called Emma walked in. We strolled over to the start, took a selfie with Paul and George, and then the run started - no hanging around this time! I was badly prepared, with my recent cold, back problem and late nights (and only about 5 hours sleep last night), I've only done about 3 runs in 4 weeks and although I started off OK, I soon got tired and even fell over on my back when trying to avoid a puddle (a man offered to pick me up but I had muddy hands). I couldn't even do it in under 2 hours. I had been thinking of actually training properly for this one, but I'll have to plan that for the spring.

Got a coffee and we waited for Abi to finish the race, then I went back to Sheffield with Frances, Kat and the very lovely, charming and witty Liz,. Had a bath at Rachel's house - she hasn't got a shower and I normally like a bath after a race, but the water wouldn't come very hot and I kept accidently turning the knob to pull the plug out. (Rachel has gone on a hike).

Went for a coffee (and a tea after I spilt my coffee all over my spare hat) then I got the call from Abi that they were in the White Lion. On the way I felt obliged to patronise a vegan mini-supermarket, then when I got to the pub Dom, Abi and her friend were there plus Emma from Southwark. Kate turned up, she looked great tonight, and she had a very short black skirt and sleek sexy tights, so I wanted to take a group photo, just to get her in it, with her legs nicely on display between the tables, but when I came back from the bar she'd covered her legs with a scarf and hat.

I was already getting drunk with 5.5% cask beer and quite an empty stomach, so I don't remember much about the evening, but we had a meal in the Tramshed (not the famous venue) then went to a pub. The gorgeous Becky arrived,
but I was getting bored as I was in the wrong direction for two lots of conversations, so I started to take a picture of Frances, but Paul told me off, so I left.