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2019-11-15 21:51:21 (UTC)

Puppy love, soul mate, and limerence ?

I'm trying to understand more about the chemicals released from your brain when you meet someone you are having strong feelings for. Funny how you may feel you are wanting, needing, maybe addicted to someone and it's due to chemicals released from your brain. This is a new thing for me. I'm reading a little bit regarding limerence. It's that intense feeling you get when you meet someone and suddenly fall head over heels, nothing else matters, finding that soul mate? Or so I thought. That intense feeling where it seems like that other person is "the one". The thing is, that feeling eventually fades away.

So why have it in the first place? Why does it go away? This is sort of partially something I read and partially my theory perhaps. Now I'm understanding that it's there too first bond you to someone. You know how at first that new person is so perfect? Even their imperfections seem like it has to be there and that's what makes them perfect? haha. Apparently, that feeling is initially there to bind a couple. I read that of course you don't go out on the street and decide to just find a stranger and live with them for the rest of you life or you know, stay with them for a very long time. That's where this limerence thing comes into play. It binds people together but it's only temporary.

So why just for a little while? Apparently, It's there so that it'll give you time to build on the foundation of a solid relationship. Trust, loyalty, communication, intimacy, and the other things a good relationship needs to have to grow. You won't just do or give this to a total stranger right?

Of course, I personally suck at it and that's probably why I'm here in the first place. haha. All I can do is live and learn and live and learn and keep living and learning. Seems to be a rinse and repeat thing for me. I however do what I can to get any of the positive chemicals to be released from my brain.

Ok, time for some coffee. Don't even know why I'm up so early. It's freaking Saturday! Why? haha. ok ok, time for my coffee. brb