2019-11-15 22:29:49 (UTC)

Prompt 050: Morning Exclusives

50. What are some activities you can do in the morning that you couldn't do later on? How often do you do these and why?

I was thissssssss close to just flat-out skipping this prompt (being the first time I'd ever have done that to my list), because I feel like it's ridiculous. At first I couldn't think of anything at all in my mornings that couldn't be done at some other time of the day. I was actually psyching myself up so I could write in this entry, "I'm gonna skip this one, because it's so stupid. Apart from reporting in to work on time, there's -nothing- in my life I do in the mornings that couldn't be done at another time. I--"

So I'm going to discuss my alternative employment ideas. If I didn't have to work at my current day job, then what would I do?

I'm an instructor at a non-profit employment counseling agency. My main responsibility is teaching people about specific trades and then leading them into finding work in those fields. I honestly enjoy and love and treasure my job. My coworkers are in turns great, and very smart, and fun, and are all pretty remarkable in their own ways. I know them all fairly well.

In particular, I'm devoted to work for my executive director, and secondly my program director. They trust me with doing good work, and I deliver for them. Finally, we're one of the leading agencies in the city where we do work (though by what's published in the news regarding the state of the city itself, well, you would think this kind of work is just as effective as pissing up a rope). I owe my professional identity to my executive director, since all I've done is grow since she gave me a chance back in 2007. And I'm confident when I state that if I know the subject well, I can teach it to nearly anyone. I have received high marks for what I do.

I had put some thought into what would it take for me to leave my job voluntarily. I am 90% certain that, if my executive director left or was not part of our organization for some reason, I would find my way out, too. If the executive director was gone and my program director was gone, then I would definitely be outta there. I can't imagine what it would take for them both to be gone, unless it was some bizarre, massive shake-up in the mission of the organization. There's also the simple possibility that I would be let go for some reason, though I don't know exactly what that would be.

All that being said, if my organization shut down this week, next week I would be in a plumbing apprenticeship.

I would bust my ass off to become an apprentice plumber, work my way up to at least Journeyman level, and cater to rich folks. I completely see myself installing those full-immersion showers, or rear deck hot tubs, or tile-set jacuzzis. And people will pay a LOT for their toilet to be unclogged. Catering to the rich is a sure way to do interesting, elaborate work, and be paid well (or dare I say, exorbitantly) for it.

Better yet, I would feel no shame in taking all that money from those rich folks, either. I could go back into the community in my off-time and repair/replace toilets for low-income city residents for no charge. One of the most horrible things I'd heard about is that city employees who were assigned as maintenance techs at public housing units (y'all know them as "the projects") were doing repairs in exchange for sexual favours from the residents. That's the worst. Withholding plumbing or heating repairs from someone until they give you a blowjob. That's despicable. I would do the work so that these single mothers, these folks on disability or other fixed incomes, they wouldn't have to deal with that particular variety of fuckin' jerk.

So that's my answer to this turd of a writing prompt. Pity it's the monumental 50th prompt, eh?