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2019-11-15 21:08:09 (UTC)

Messed up

Life is pretty messed up as of now. I'm surprised that I am no more employed, j don't know if the decision was right or wrong but yes I have quit my job for 100 reasons not only I was over worked but late sitting, no good profile, no good work nothing to learn n also not satisfied with the payment. I donno it may be a wrong decision to resign and then look for job but I wanted to do so it was my own decision supported by my loved ones. Yes I'm gonna get new n good one soon. Well my wedding was just 4 days away and now nothing is confirmed. M fucked up that way as well. I donno whats going to be the date. I donno when are we marring. He got a new job now will soon shift to Pune, I dnt understand where do I have to look job Mumbai or Pune. I find got job in Mumbai I have to quit if we getting married and if if get in Pune how the fuck m j gonna manage there before marriage. Every thg is so fucked up and monku's parents are blamable. Phewww
I really don't want to worry but some where some how obviously I am. I mean getting a gap in my CV. Well just I'm trying hard let's see how soon just get the job. Things at home are also not fine. Mom is not keeping that well n dad is bothering like every time. M tired really... I want relax time in life not like holiday or anything but like others I want all sorted at least few of the things can be job or family either of the thing.

Still I feel positive. Monku n I had a trip to Shirdi we prayed for all apologized if we did any wrong. Prayed for strength.
I hope we get married next year in 1 st half mom is really worried. Hopes everything is happening for a reason and this will realise soon.
Monku loves me a lot. M sure he will find a way out.