London Life
2019-11-15 17:50:46 (UTC)

The Tea Studio

When the weekend away in
Sheffield was announced, it was suggested that there'd be a walk on Friday and certainly a meal in the evening. I quickly booked an advance train to get a cheap fare, arriving about 12:45. Then everyone else decided to travel up in the evening. Maybe Jack should have joined me. I left home with him this morning before making a doctor's appointment to get my bad ear sorted out

Usually if I'm away on my own, I'd spend the time exploring, but I know Sheffield well, I've got a heavy bag and it's a bit cold. I could go and see how the park's getting on, where we volunteered before, but it's a boring walk. Like last week, I saw a German-style winter market (and one or two sexy girls) on my way to the vegan cafe - The Tea Studio in the Arts Centre. This is a nice, simple cafe where producers were describing their music nearby, and others were talking about election canvassing.

I was reading the Guardian and looking at emails and WhatsApp, where again one girkl doesn't feel she gets enough praise for her volunteering - she's now reached 300, though she didn't actually go there with us this week - or come to the pub. And I didn't make a fuss that no-one mentioned I'd reached 250 the same night.

About 3, I walked back to the centre - didn't go in Costa as it was mainly downstairs and you don't get a view, but instead went upstairs in Cafe Nero next to the Peace Garden. It got dark and I spent time looking at my Flikr babes. and a video site featuring Soxiya. She really is so sexy, and is just how I imagined myself performing when I was a teen. But despite there being dozens of her videos on the site, I still can't trace the one where the other girls start feeling her bare bum and her boobs - which is available somewhere, as I previously took stills from it, for Flikr.

Just after 6, I went for pasta loading. Zizzi has long been a reliable vegan place, even before veganism was a thing, and there were two nearby. It's evidently party time already (and/or a Friday night) as it was full of large groups and couples. Me, on my own, got put in the corner, and the waitresses ignored me for some time.

However I was pleased when two posh girls with gorgeous flowing hair came and sat near me, one had a very deep U-shaped neckline in her top, and the other was wearing a very short, shiny black skirt, and heeled ankle boots. Another not far away was in black mini-skirt and a pair of black over-knee boots, the third such pair I've seen today.

Managed to go the wrong way twice on my way to the bus station, then was running around the bus station after one bus didn't arrive on time. But I got to Rachel's house not long after 8, a very nice place with steps up to the front door - only trouble was, it was difficult to see the house numbers on the dark. We chatted for a bit, but I need an early night. I'm worried about being able to get up at 6, when it's my good ear that's always on the pillow. I'm just going to phone Jack, then hopefully go to sleep.