Do Not Disturb

2019-11-14 16:55:18 (UTC)

Hope For The Better Days

I don't know if, I've told you this before but I've been going to a therapy almost every Monday morning and yes I'm finally talking to someone instead of writing it all down ( which I love doing btw ). It has helped so far. I just can't wait to go back Monday and tell her what happened at work with me and this guy/possibly manager. I just got tired of people treating me like shit no matter what I do and yet their making me feel like the bad guy. I'm not gonna let anyone talk to me any kind of way and I'm NOT gonna let anyone put their hands on me and talk about how their gonna bring their wife up here that has nothing to do with whatsoever. I mean if, he wants to talk about bringing someone up here I got 4 uncles, a mom, a brother, a dad who can come all the way down here from Atlanta if, he wants to and he will. And I am my mother's child. I don't give a fuck what he say. Also my Grandma who also doesn't play....Period!!! And yea so what if, I tell my mother everything that happens at work because I don't have anyone to talk to about my day besides writing in my journals about it. Damn. Cutt me some slack. And yes this is what all the manager has told me and no one does a damn thing about it not even the boss. She rather stick up for him than, me because their " family". Well, fuck family this shit about to get real. I just don't wanna hear,talk to him,or, think about him because I'm so over it. I'm so over him.

Mood : Emotional angry

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