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2019-11-14 21:01:31 (UTC)

The chemicals of love

My ex almost gf scientist planted a seed in me. I recall her saying the feeling we are feeling was due to testosterone. While she was correct about chemicals being produced in our body, she was wrong about the type of chemicals. There are 4 types of the good stuff. I won't cover the bad. For now, I'll post about what I read so far and focusing on two of them. Dopamine and serotonin. I mean I knew there was something about this that makes you feel better. I know going to the gym helps make the right chemicals to feel better.

While there are medication you can now take for dopamine and serotonin, there are natural ways to increase this. Some of them I already do and I see now how it's helping me feel better and without the bad side effects of pills.

Of course, exercise is one crucial thing to do. It decreases your meanesss and takes away the depression. So people that are depressed I'm guessing don't go to the gym or workout much. Even before reading all this, I already knew that going to the gym makes me feel so much better even when life is still the same as it was before hitting the gym. I know when I don't hit the gym, I do feel lonely and depressed. I go to the gym now not so much to look good or be healthy. I mean yes, those two things are good but I now go for the comfort of feeling relaxed more than anything. Funny how that is huh?

Drinking coffee supposed to help too. Well, I got that covered for sure.

You're supposed to go out to be in nature. Well I go hiking and kayaking already so I unknowingly have been doing this too to feel better. This increases the two good chemicals so I got that down for sure.

Supposedly, coffee and dark chocolate helps. Oh heck yeah! Got that one. Eating right is the main key. Also Essential fatty acids. I take my EFA pills that I get from Costco. Yeah, I can smell the fish oil even when the pill is fully encased. Of course, I eat fish too so I get it that way also.

Meditation is another but I suck at it. My mind just drifts around too much.

Hitting your goals. Ok, I do pretty well with that. Little ones and some bigger ones too.

Essential oils. More for the aromatic scent that increase the good chemicals. I had roses permeating in my bedroom. Now I spray some cologne on my wrists before bed and it has made me feel better in the morning. This was just blind luck. I had bought so much expensive cologne and I don't have much opportunity to wear it so I use it in bed after my shower and I feel better.

Trying out new things. Yup, I'm looking for new hobbies for sure This creates the good chemicals once again.

Therapy. For that, I go to church. I think that counts so I again already do this.

Orgasms. Well, yeah.. I take care of business when needed and there are a lot of business I'm wanting and doing to myself. lol

positive thoughts- Yup, a never-ending story to keep myself positive.

Happy memories. Well, that one is a hit and miss sometimes. When I think of the good stuff, sure that's nice but I also think of some not so good stuff so that pulls me back down. This I haven't quite mastered yet.

Gratitude is another thing. I do feel lucky that I have a good job and I'm always grateful for having a good paying secure job. I also never take my friends for granted. This supposedly makes more of the good chemicals.

I think I'm just lucky and have been doing a lot of these things to enhance my dopamine and serotonin. I've been pretty positive and happy lately. I think I really lucked out when I started putting fresh roses in my room. Cleaned it up so I feel good going in there and the scented candles, smell of the roses, and cologne helped immensely. All by luck of course but so sorely needed in my life. I'm relatively happy being alone so if I got that, imagine how I'll feel if I find someone cool :)

I'm now reading up on puppy love or that more official word of limerence. I'll try to explain my interpretation of this feeling and why it happens to us. Not right now though. That's for another day.

Just know that if you are sad and depressed, give some of this stuff a try. I see and feel the difference in me when I'm doing as many of these chemical building stuff as possible. And for you to be any worth to anyone special, you have to be able to love yourself and be in that happy zone. Not lunatic crazy happy like some of the homeless drugged up peeps on the street but just happy enough to smile even when there is no reason to smile. I know self improvement is not linear as I indicated already but lately, I've been on the upswing.

P.S. both smiley and I were doing some more innocent flirting today at the gym. I better stop though. It's fun to play but I don't want it to go too far. :) That's all I got for tonight. Just a rambling mind not able to grasp a topic and a lot of babbling around again. :)

Pic of my dark chocolate. Go big or go home.

Digital Ocean
Providing developers and businesses with a reliable, easy-to-use cloud computing platform of virtual servers (Droplets), object storage ( Spaces), and more.