always wth love

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2019-11-14 13:58:23 (UTC)

A letter for U & Me

Hey everybody, am back before the holidays this year it is quite different, lets take as what it could have been chaotic. So, am gonna let it be what it is simply that nothing less. So, any who my sis coming home from the army next month for a bit before she gets station somewhere again. I heard that she isn't handling army life so great, she thought military life was gonna be best choice for her, however it turn-up side-down . I don't know much about it, but she probably couldn't tell me if had tired. Also next month, i pick my brother with my mom at the airport to go on a family trip. I am so anxious because there's a lot things are happening that week. As for last month, my advisor told me if i keep my grades good, I'll be definitely complete my journey for a ba degree next year in the spring. Yes, I had made it year being single now, i feel capable to be love again with someone else. However, I am still waiting on when is the right time. Me and my ex are still talking just be hard have time for one another, we are almost at the finish line with our degrees at this point in our lives. Months back, I get a call from my grandpa to inform that my uncle has been remission for some months and back to work. My grandpa come out visit with me spend time. Song that got me in my feels today Kehlani " You Know Wassup".
Well, that's all I got for this year, nothing less, so see you next year in the spring. always wth love