London Life
2019-11-14 15:26:40 (UTC)

Wilton Music Hall / 'Much Ado About Nothing'

Jack didn’t wake me at 7:30 as he was supposed to, so when I woke at 7:45 I had 15 minutes to wake up, find the cupboard keys for the CCTV man, find my own door keys and put some clothes on. He was installing CCTV for the flats, as someone has been breaking the car park gates, trying to get in there.

As I was coming back from letting him in, another man arrived from Virgin to give us our compulsory new broadband upgrade. Meanwhile, I started packing for my weekend away, and did the washing up, but first, my new work laptop was stuck trying to install updates (saying “do not turn off”), then after the man from Virgin had gone, the laptop wouldn’t connect to our internet, meaning either the new broadband takes time to start working, or the man hadn’t put it in properly. It’s not as if we wanted or needed the upgrade.

I still couldn’t find my keys, but I remembered I had a spare set in the drawer at work - but I couldn’t get in my drawer without my bunch of keys! (shame I didn't copy a key for the drawer yesterday when I was in the key-cutters). Then I remembered I also had a spare set at home, so at least I’ll have them when I go away tomorrow.

I decided I’d better go into the office, I arrived after 11 and my manager had already emailed me to ask why I wasn’t online. I was hoping to work on a lower floor and pretend I was at home, but we had an 11:30 meeting so I thought I’d better attend it in person. We decided not to have an official team Christmas meal - just a Wagamama, which we don't have to book, before a larger-team drink on 18th December. One other bit of good news – the phone lead I thought I’d left at work was attached to my own plug under the PC at home – so at least I’ve now got a spare one.

Met Jack for lunch and we discussed the problem with his parents’ mortgage. All four of his dad's children put in £19,000 to buy them a house years ago, but their names are not on the document, which means that if he ever has to go into care, the house could be used as an asset against him getting paid-for social care. At least I won’t have to go all the way to Hitchin on Saturday to talk to a solicitor, as that one wasn’t suitable for some reason, so the matter is postponed until the new year. I didn't go to Andrew's leaving meal, even though I was in the office - after all, I've hardly ever spoken to him. He'd managed to PDF a newspaper cutting I needed for my article - it wouldn't work for him yesterday after my attempt to PDF it from printer to email didn't apparently work (I found it later in Junk Mail).

Elina was complaining on WhatsApp that I hadn’t been available on Skype, (she didn’t know I'd come into the office) , and actually I was hiding from her, as I just haven’t got time to chat - I love being with her, lbut she takes all my time when we're together.

The senior manager came down with a crisis over a missing document. The legal people (who were actually sitting near me today) eventually found it mis-filed under “Investment”. Large Excel files seem to be freezing just as badly with the new equipment, even now I've got rid of the 77,000-line pivot table - I wanted to get this week's chart done before I go away tomorrow. I tried re-starting the laptop, but then it wouldn't even open the file. But when it did open, it was lovely and fast and I started enjoying myself. I've decided to downgrade the points given to one station, as the log-jam in the Top 3 of the chart is getting embarrassing.

Elina left early and said she'd miss me, tomorrow afternoon, the sweetie. Frustratingly I didn't quite finish the chart, left at 6 and we got the tube to Tower Hill. I got Jack a vegan salad to prove that this same one he got before, didn't have chicken in it. (I think it was supposed to taste like chicken).

We were going to Wilton's Music Hall (a historic venue) to see a modern-dress version of much Ado
About Nothing. After getting the tickets, we were looking for a coffee shop and found a nice Curzon towards Aldgate next to a lot of statues of running horses.

I find it hard to concentrate on Shakespeare, the sentences are so intense my mind drifts. There are no really clever lines in this one, and the language only seems old fashioned because of the word-order and the occasional arcaism like "good morrow". The ladies were annoyingly scruffily dressed in the first act. They generally wore much better party dresses (and casual dresses) after the interval. Jack didn't think the main heroine Hero looked beautiful at all, but I thought she was gorgeous.

I think there's room for speculation that the character Beatrice (who's love interest is a man called Benedict) also has the hots for Hero, at least in this production. She often caresses her tenderly, has her arm round her a lot, holds her hand for prolonged periods, and says she's every night her "bedfellow" (she also gives another girl a big kiss on the lips).

There was an icy wind outside afterwards, and in my hurry this morning I didn't wear a jumper or tights (partly as I hadn't had a shower!), but we soon got to Aldgate East Station and went home an unintuitive way via Monument. The broadband still isn't working.