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2019-11-14 04:06:46 (UTC)

New Girl

It might take months or even years but I always find myself coming back to this journal.

In August I was an extern at a Geriatric Primary Care Clinic. I was lucky enough to be offered a job within three weeks of being there. So after completing a long orientation, I officially became an employee two weeks ago! One of the Doctors I worked with as an Extern was moving to another sister clinic closer to my home. His Medical Assistant, who's been there for over three years, didn't move with him, because it was to far away.

Long story short, this Doctor requested me to be his Medical Assistant at the new clinic. I agreed and less than a week later I found myself relocating. This was a huge leap of faith because I was in my comfort zone already. I knew where things were; I knew and loved the staff. This is a whole other world to me, and it sucks being the new girl. Yet I did throw myself into this situation... I am in it to win it.